Dallas Stars: 3 Reasons the Stars Need to Keep Brenden Morrow

Mitchell Klemp@@MeestaMitchContributor IIJuly 20, 2012

Dallas Stars: 3 Reasons the Stars Need to Keep Brenden Morrow

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    Over the past few weeks, there have been many rumors and even more speculation on if the Dallas Stars will trade Brenden Morrow.

    The left winger has spent his entire career with the Stars and many fans want to keep it that way. Before the 2006-07 season, Morrow was honored with the title of Captain after teammate Mike Modano was asked to step down from the position.

    While 33-years-old, Morrow still has quite a bit to contribute to the Stars before his playing days  in Dallas are over.


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    The Stars made a lot of noise this offseason in free agency. In their flurry of moves, they did not resign Sheldon Souray and traded Steve Ott to the Buffalo Sabres.

    Those moves leave them without arguably two of their toughest players. If Morrow can stay healthy this year, he adds a level of intimidation on the ice that not many can match.

    During the 2010-11 season, Morrow suffered a broken nose and subsequently went on a scoring streak. In many cases, an athlete may take a few days to let the swelling go down, but Morrow played all 82 games.


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    The Stars signed Jaromir Jagr and Ray Whitney this offseason to add to their corps of veteran wings. Jagr is a first ballot Hall of Famer and Whitney is a journeyman who is bringing his 20 years of NHL experience to his ninth team.

    While each of those players brings their own experience, Morrow has the edge of having been a Star. He can be a leader on and off the ice.

    Morrow has the ability to show the free agent acquisitions and rookies how to handle the Dallas media, where to get the best local endorsements, which bars have the best Canadian beer and the rest of the important stuff.

The Fans

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    When Mike Modano returned to Dallas in a Red Wings jersey, it was one of the most painful things a fan could endure. The former captain and face of the franchise wanted to keep playing and the Stars moved on without him.

    While Morrow has nowhere near the leverage that Modano had, it will still hurt the fans to watch him play for another team. This offseason already saw another career Star and fan favorite in Steve Ott leave.

    Most fans know that sports are a business at this level and it is rare to see a player spend his entire career with one franchise. That still doesn’t take away the sting of seeing a staple of the Dallas hockey community in another jersey.

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