The Very Early NFL Prediction

Martin SmithContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

The 2008-2009 season in my opinion wasn't really that exciting. I'm a Pats fan and I wish Tom Brady was under center. Those Colts-Pats rivalries aren't the same without Tom. Oh well I'll just cut to the chase

AFC East

Patriots 12-4 (they get Tom Brady back)

Jets 8-8 (Kellon Clemons leads this team to .500)

Dolphins 7-9 (08 was like a Cinderella story.i'm not sure if they  can do it again.)

Bills 6-10 (have a long way to go before they can be a competitor. 

AFC North

Steelers 13-3 (the best all around team)

Ravens 10-6 (I think Flacco will have a sophomore slump)

Browns 7-9 (no comment)

Bengals 5-11 (They  get Carson back but Chad and TJ want out)

AFC South 

Colts 12-4 (the most consistent team)

Tennessee Titans 10-6(depends if Vince Young is starting)

Texans 9-7 (there first winning season =) )

Jaguars 8-8 (no comment)

AFC West

Chargers 12-4 (they get Merriman back)

Broncos 10-6 (no comment)

Raiders 6-10( no comment)

Chiefs 3-13 (no comment)

NFC East

Eagles 14-2 (the best of the best)

Giants 12-4 (the get osi back)

Redskins 10-6 (depends if jason campbell improves)

Cowboys 7-9 (they are slowly doing operation implode)

NFC South 

Panthers 14-2 (will build on their 12-4 season last year)

Falcons 12-4(will build)

Saints 10-6 (the draft and free agency should help their D)

Bucanneers 6-10 (who's the quaterback? Luke Mccown?)

NFC North

Vikings 12-4 (depends if Tarvaris Jackson improves)

Bears 11-5 (call me crazy but they'll build on their 9-7 last year)

Packers 9-7 (no comment)

Lions 3-13 (3 more wins than last year =) )

NFC West

Cardinals 12-4 (no comment)

49ers 9-7 (Mike Singletary will get things on the right track)

Seahawks 6-10 (no comment)

Rams 4-12 (no comment)


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