25 of the Creepiest Sports Fans Ever

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJune 19, 2012

25 of the Creepiest Sports Fans Ever

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    For most of us, the joy of attending a sporting event in our team apparel and the ability to drink during the day without judgement is treat enough. In fact, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than decked out in my black-and-gold at a Steelers game downing $12 Yuengling drafts with abandon. 

    Then there are those among us who like to take it up a notch or 10. Fans decked out in costumes, carrying insane signs, covered in body paint or just bloated with their own crazy, are the minority at most games—but a very vocal minority. 

    Sometimes they pull it off in a fun and festive way that everyone enjoys, but not always. There are plenty of fans who routinely cross the line from cute and catchy to completely creepy. Like the Ukranian fan at a Euro 2012 match in this title slide, for example.  

    Let's take a look at 25 more of the creepiest fans in sports.

25. Alien Celtics Fan

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    Fans really come up with the strangest get-ups, like this Celtics fan at a playoff game against the Hawks in 2012. Not sure how the alien mask enhances his experience at the game, but to each his own. 

    If I was stuck sitting next to this guy, I'd spend the entire game trying to to stare. 

24. Gorilla Giants Fan

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    Listen, what is up with people dressing like gorillas at sporting events? It's weird and creepy and it has nothing to do with the game and it makes you wonder what's lurking inside.

    At least he's probably pretty warm—it's chilly in New York around Christmas. 

23. Drunken Nuggets Fan

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    During the Lakers/Nuggets series in the first round of the 2012 NBA playoffs, a woman made national news when she wandered out onto the court during the game.

    Fans making their way onto the field/court is nothing new, but this woman's whole demeanor was very creepy—she looked to be making a beeline a specific purpose.  

22. Fans Covered in Spandex

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    Fans decked out in full body spandex aren't limited to a single sport or team. I know they've become well known spectacles at Canucks games, but I've seen them in the stands at countless games.

    It's freaky, creepy and just a bit too snug in all the wrong places. Plus, doesn't it seem like it'd be hard to breath in those things?

21. This Is a Ducks Fan?

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    I found this video, seemingly unrelated to the Oregon Ducks, on YouTube. I wondered what it had to do with the Ducks—until the surprise ending. 

    It really might be that horrifying zip over your face sweatshirt that I find creepy, more than anything else. 

20. Squawking British Man

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    The British squawking man had his 15 minutes of fame following the 2012 U.S. Open.

    As winner Webb Simpson was being interviewed, this creepy nut slowly walked into the frame and let out a squawk that any bird wearing a hat with ear flaps would be proud of. 

19. Soccer Fan Creepin

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    Hey, it's a fact of life that men look at women—I see it on the streets of DC every day—but some are a bit more casual or discreet about it than others.

    This kid clearly still has a few years before he can adjust his creepy teenage gaze to a casual glance. 

18. Patriots Fan Jesus

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    Listen, I take sports very seriously—just one bad play in a winning effort can plague my entire week with questions. I'm not very religious, though, so I don't take my questions to the man upstairs. 

    But a line needs to be drawn somewhere and wherever it's drawn, wearing a thorn of crowns and a Jesus beard is probably a few steps over it. 

17. Freaky Nebraska Fan

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    This Cornhuskers fan's ridiculous face doesn't even tell the full story. This is actually a screen capture from a GIF on SB Nation Detroit that has made the rounds on the interwebs.

    It's commonly entitled "serial killer cornhusker's fan." Having watched the GIF for five straight minutes, I must say that's pretty accurate. 

16. Remember Linsanity?

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    How could anyone forget "Linsanity"? It was here and gone in flash. Yet the images of people in creepy Jeremy Lin masks live on.

    They actually look kind of lifelike, which makes it all the more unsettling. 

15. Scantily Clad Gators Fan

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    For most of us, there's a different threshold for the amount of skin that can be shown comfortably between men and women. It's an obvious double-standard, and this guy is breaking barriers.  

    But, even as a straight woman, I'd prefer to see a lady in this getup than this dude. At least we can be thankful that not everything is body painted. 

14. Steelers Mullet

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    I hate to pick on my hometown of Pittsburgh or my beloved Steelers, but the Steel City isn't exactly a fashion capitol. The mullet is still a common sight on the streets of many neighborhoods and it's hard for those of us who have moved on from the mullet to accept. It's one of the creepiest creeper hairstyles in history. 

    But at least it's not a rat-tail! A rat-tail would have shot this guy up about 10 spots into the top five. 

13. Sox Fan Pimpin out His Daughter

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    Jacoby Ellsbury seems like a fine young man and I'm sure any father, especially in Boston, would be thrilled if his daughter brought him home for dinner.

    But there are better ways to go about it than this—plus it looks like his sign is pointing at the dude behind him.

12. Red Bama Fan

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    That's right, soak it all in. This Bama fan is quite a sight—man nipples, neck ripples in his paint, creepy sunglasses and covered in the reddest red paint money can buy. 

    Just imagine being one of the people charged with sitting in the immediate vicinity of this fellow on a hot Tuscaloosa day. I suspect there were a few crying children among them. 

11. Raiders Fans

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    I imagine Raider Nation would be happy to make this list since they obviously go out of their way to freak people out. And freak people out they do—I wouldn't want to go to an away game there. 

    I wonder if they have a store on sight that sells this insanity—if not, they are missing out on a major money-making operation. 

10. Intense Waikato Fan

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    Waikato is a New Zealand rugby team, obviously with some pretty intense fans. It's hard to pull off the full face paint without looking creepy—he looks like an angry German flag. 

    Is there any other kind of German flag? Kidding!

9. Tim Tebow Stalkers

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    I'm not taking a stand on Tim Tebow one way or another, except for that he's handsome, but that puts me in the minority. This kid inspires more love and hate than any athlete I can remember—and both sides of that coin can be creepy. 

    I find the Tebow-obsessed masses just a tad creepier. Seriously, who are the creepy creepers paying for all these insane billboards in Denver? They can't be football fans—which leads me to believe they're stalkers. 

    That's right! Stalkers. Time to reevaluate your life decisions, folks.

8. English Patriotism Runs Amok

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    Nothing creepier than a clown, right? Wrong. There's one thing creepier than a clown—a male clown rocking a completely unnecessary bikini top that doesn't cover near as much as it should. Well, not near as much as we wish it would. 

    Actually, the English aren't known for their overwhelming displays of patriotism like we are in the states. So, while this creeps me on one level, it also warms my heart a little on another.

7. Eyes in the Back of His Head Bears Fan

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    If I had to sit behind this guy at Soldier Field for an entire game, I don't think I'd make it beyond the third quarter. I'd be shotgunning Budweisers until I finally had to leave my seat for good and deal with the nightmares that would surely come.

    Seriously, this monster would ruin my entire day. 

6. Wichita State Wushtock

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    The mascot is the biggest fan of any team, or at least he or she is paid to act like it at games. Personally, I'm a pretty big fan of mascots—the goofier, the better. But more than a few go way beyond goofy into completely creepy. 

    If you Google "creepiest mascot ever," a treasure trove of weirdness appears before your very eyes. This is subjective, but I found the Wichita State Wushtock about to play football with a pumpkin to be the creepiest of the creepy. 

5. Jigsaw Patriots Fan

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    Oh goodness. What does this freak-show Jigsaw mask have to do with the Patriots? The Pats have had an image problem outside of New England for awhile and it seems that America's Team is anyone playing them on a given day.

    Fans dressing up as Jigsaw from the Saw movies really isn't going to help. Maybe you don't agree because you aren't scared of scary movies, but some of us are...  

4. Nipple Man

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    "Nipple Man" sounds like the worst superhero ever. I stumbled across this photo, which didn't give any context for the time or place. Thankfully, a ridiculous scene like this doesn't require much context. 

3. Whoever Is Responsible for This

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    I've been living in DC for just over five years, so I'm acutely aware of how desperate the sports situation has been in the nation's capital until recently. I know Robert Griffin III represents hope for the future, but whoever came up with the idea for this Subway sculpture of him should be arrested. 

    This is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen and I can't even walk near a Subway in the district without thinking about this thing. 

2. The Staring Cricket Fan

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    This cricket fan, at what looks to be a match in Bangladesh, has a thousand-yard stare that can see straight into your soul. And then there's that mustache—always a creeper bonus.

    This seemed to be the YouTube consensus for the creepiest sports fan ever—but there is definitely at least one dude out there even creepier.  

1. Cricket Voodoo Baby Fan

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    According to TotalProSports, this video hit the interwebs just two weeks after the staring cricket fan video. Also out of Bangladesh, this man was on hand with his baby doll during the Cricket World Cup. 

    It's hard to explain what exactly he's doing with this doll or how it pertains to cricket, but it further confirms that I want absolutely nothing to do with that sport.