A-Rod Is Now A-Roid

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IFebruary 10, 2009

It is old news that Alex Rodriguez has taken steroids, especially during his Texas days. Now he is in every newspaper and media outlet making his apologies known.

It's making it out like we have to feel sorry for him.

The people I feel sorry for are the fans who thought he was the greatest player in the majors to date. Now to know that he is a fraud just like Giambi, Bonds, and many who have come out of closet with such knowledge.

Mets fans only have been hampered with the fact that their old clubhouse attendant was the guy players came to when they needed a boost... Mets Fans also can appreciate the fact that now A-Rod is not playing shortstop or third base for their team. Everybody thank Steve Phillps for that kind 24 + 1 gestureβ€”it could of been a whole lot worse.

In the meantime, we will sit back this season and embrace the torture by the opposing teams fans. They will taunt A-Rod to the fullest and we will see how he will face adversity.

If you thought it was bad when he did not come through in the clutch pre-known steroid use, think how it will be now!

I heard Frank Russo (who has great Yankee insight) on Mike Silva's New York Baseball Digest last night saying that A-Rod might pack it up because A-Rod's friends (sources) don't think he will be able to take all the criticism. I am sure if that was the case, the Yankees would not have a problem with dissecting the next nine years and $250 Million from their payroll. They can get two more pitchers for the price of one A-Rod.

A-Rod is not a nice guy and I think you can contribute that's why no one else has been mentioned out of the 104 players in the same report. Let's face it, he does not have that likable appeal that David Wright does...

Another reason why he was mentioned now is because the timing. With Torre's new book coming out saying he is a "A-Fraud", it makes everything sound so plausible.

So far 2009 has not been the way A-Rod would of liked it to start and it will only get worse. Jose Canseco says more juicy tales from his crypt are coming. How can it get any worse?? Speaking of which, I think everyone owes Canseco an apology...He told the truth when no one wanted to believe the impossible.

A-Rod is a "A-Fraud", "A-Roid" and a "A-Hole".

You know what Yankee fans? He's still laughing all the way to the bank. Rodriguez has made $197,000,000 in his career. A-Rod does not know the term recession, but he knows that every Yankee fan that wears his jersey and pays a ticket to see him just makes him richer..

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