Kansas City Chiefs: Top 5 Wide Receivers in Franchise History

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIJune 8, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs: Top 5 Wide Receivers in Franchise History

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    As we continue to break down the top five players in franchise history at each position, we advance to the wide receivers.

    The Kansas City Chiefs have not had the greatest wide receivers, but we managed to find five worthy of making this list for their contributions to the team.

    Players like Len Dawson, Joe Montana and Trent Green are noted as some of the best quarterbacks in franchise history. But how about their receivers? Did they play a big part in helping Kansas City's offense succeed at one point?

5. Carlos Carson

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    Carlos Carson spent time in Kansas City from 1980-89. Those certainly were not the brightest years in Chiefs history, but Carson and his teammates, who you will also read about in this slideshow, created some moments on offense to give Chiefs fans something to watch.

    Carson is third all-time among all wide receivers in franchise history in receiving yards with 6,360 yards. He caught over 350 passes and 33 touchdowns total during his time as a Chief while catching passes from Bill Kenney and Steve DeBerg.

4. Henry Marshall

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    Henry Marshall spent his 12 seasons in Kansas City and established himself as one of the best receivers in franchise history. He finished second out of all wide receivers in yards caught with 6,545 and tied seventh all time in receiving touchdowns with 33.

    Marshall spent some time playing opposite of Carson, creating a dynamic duo. In 1983, the Chiefs ranked third in passing and seventh the following season. The Chiefs passing game took a dip as Marshall, and Carson, aged and eventually retired, showing how valuable those two were in the 1980s.

3. Chris Burford

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    Despite playing in very few games, compared to other receivers for the Chiefs, Chris Burford made the most out of his time.

    In his eight years with the Dallas Texans and Chiefs, Burford was a huge asset for Len Dawson and a great compliment opposite of Otis Taylor. Burford scored 55 touchdowns with the Chiefs, placing him second among all wide receivers in Chiefs history.

    Burford not only found success alone, but also success with the Chiefs and helped them win three AFL titles and reach the first ever annual Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers.

2. Stephone Paige

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    Out of all players in franchise history, Stephone Paige is considered one of the most reliable pass-catchers to ever play for the Chiefs.

    After not receiving a lot of action in his first three years with the Chiefs, he became a primary starter in 1986, starting 15-of-16 games. This came after an impressive 10 touchdown season in 1985 off only eight starts.

    Paige stepped up the following year with 11 touchdowns to help Kenney and DeBerg during the 1980s.

    Paige is in the top five all-time in Chiefs history in receptions, yards and touchdowns as a pass-catcher.

1. Otis Taylor

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    It is hard to say there is a better wide receiver than Taylor who played for the Chiefs. There is not.

    Taylor was not only productive individually, but he had a remarkable career with the Chiefs, helping them capture their only Super Bowl.

    Taylor has 7,306 receiving yards and 57 touchdowns during his time with the Chiefs, making that the most among any wide receiver in team history. Taylor is remembered by old-school Chiefs fans as one of the greatest receivers in AFL history and helped Dawson and the Chiefs become one of the AFL's best.

Where Is Eddie Kennison?

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    A lot of newer, young Chiefs fans were probably expecting Eddie Kennison on this list.

    He spent seven seasons with the Chiefs and helped Green move the ball in the passing game along with tight end Tony Gonzalez.

    Individually, Kennison had two 1,000 yard receiving seasons, but compared to other wide receivers, he falls just short of the top five in receptions, yards and touchdowns. Had he spent more time with the Chiefs, he certainly would have had higher numbers and probably would be next to Taylor, Burford and Paige in some receiving statistical categories.

Can Current No. 1 Picks Dwayne Bowe and Jon Baldwin Make This List?

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    Dwayne Bowe

    Dwayne Bowe, if he re-signs with the Chiefs, is well on his way to making this list.  

    It was less than two years ago that Chiefs fans were witnessing Bowe shatter Burford’s record for most receiving touchdowns in a single-season by a Chiefs player.

    Like Kennison, Bowe’s numbers are just shy of reaching the top five. If he re-signs to a long-term deal, it is possible that fans will see him compete for Taylor’s title as the best receiver in team history.

    Jon Baldwin

    It is hard to predict whether or not Jon Baldwin will ever make this list. He only played one season and was limited due to an injury off the field. The Chiefs strongly value his ability to jump up and catch a ball.

    Being a first-round pick, Baldwin certainly has a chance at making this list. In a couple of years, fans will have a better understanding of what kind of professional receiver Baldwin is and if he has a legitimate shot at making this list, provided that he spends a lot of seasons in Kansas City.

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