Skip Bayless' 10 Worst Basketball Arguments from the Past Few Years

Andrew Wallock@andrewwallock8Contributor IJune 7, 2012

Skip Bayless' 10 Worst Basketball Arguments from the Past Few Years

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    Is it just me or has Skip Bayless been at the forefront of NBA news more often this year than he has been in the past? I don't think it's just me.

    For those of you who don't know who Skip Bayless is or who have never watched 1st and 10 on ESPN, you're not missing out on much. A self-proclaimed expert, Bayless is known for his out-of-this-world opinions on basketball. 

    The best way I can describe him: a professional troll. He's the epitome of what trolls on the Internet would look like in person. 

    He has argued plenty of things over the years that baffle me as a sports fan. This year, his arguments in particular have been mind-boggling. 

    So, for the enjoyment of my fellow sports fans, I present to you the 10 worst arguments that Skip has made in the world of basketball over the past few years. 

Dwyane Wade Is the Closest Thing to MJ

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    "I think Skip gets paid to say stupid things." 

    That was the top comment on this YouTube video. 

    At this point, doesn't that seem like that only logical explanation for the enigma that is Skip Bayless?  

    How is Dwyane Wade the closest thing to Michael Jordan? If anyone is the closest player to Michael Jordan, it would be Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. But, in the end, we all know that Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan. No one will ever come close to what he accomplished. 

    Dwyane Wade is the Robin to LeBron James' Batman. And that's just the way it is. 

    Besides, the only reason Wade got his first title was because he had Shaq in his prime. I would argue that if LeBron had played with Shaq in his prime, he would've won as well. 

Skip Bayless Says the Chicago Bulls "Lucked" into the #1 Seed

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    The Chicago Bulls were a legit contender before Derrick Rose went down. If he hadn't have gotten injured, they would be in the Conference Finals right now playing against the Miami Heat. Needless to say, they didn't have the best luck in the playoffs.

    But to say that they lucked into the number one seed? Not true. How can you luck into winning most of your games?

    Now, keep in mind, this video was from last year's playoffs. But, I'd be willing to bet he was thinking the same thing about this year's Chicago Bulls before Derrick Rose went down. 

LeBron James Will Never Win a Ring

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    It's gotten to the point where I personally believe that LeBron does not have that killer instinct to win multiple NBA titles.

    But to say that LeBron will never win a title is absolutely preposterous. Yes, I said preposterous. I hate that word, but I still used it. That's what Skip does to me. 

    LeBron is the best player in the world, and he will have at least one title before all is said and done. Mark my words. 

    He is not Scottie Pippen. He is not Robin, as Skip always seems to be inclined to believe. 

Skip's Best #1 Overall Picks Are All Sorts of Messed Up

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    You can just read the top comment on the YouTube video to understand what happens in this video.

    Chris Broussard and Skip are picking teams of the best No. 1 overall draft picks. 

    Skip picks two centers, one power forward and two small forwards. Over Derrick Rose, John Wall and Allen Iverson, Skip sticks with LeBron at the point. 

    Oh, and he has James Worthy at shooting guard. 

    Regardless of the ridiculousness of the whole video, it's actually one of the most entertaining things I've ever watched.

    Obviously, Chris's team would absolutely dominate Skip's team. He actually has players playing at their positions. 

Michael Jordan Didn't Have Any Help

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    Michael Jordan did not win his championships by himself.

    The guy had Steve Kerr, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Dennis Rodman, etc, etc. 

    Oh, and he had that coach...Phil Jackson.

    People who think he did it by himself have never watched a game of basketball in their lives. There were plenty of big shots made by role players on that incredible Bulls team. 

    It was a dynasty team. And not only because of Michael Jordan.  

    The worst thing about this video is that Scottie Pippen thinks LeBron is better than Jordan. Oh boy, I need to sit down. 

LeBron Does Not Deserve the MVP

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    The argument made in this video is that LeBron shouldn't have won the NBA's Most Valuable Player award this year.  I'm not even going to go there. 

    LeBron easily had one of the most incredible single season stat lines in NBA history during his 2011-12 campaign. And he doesn't deserve the MVP? 

    I couldn't even watch the entire video. See for yourself. 

Blake Griffin's Dunk Wasn't That High

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    I'm the least athletic person in this world. I have absolutely zero hand-eye coordination, and I can't jump any higher than the average 5' 7" man. But I believe it's safe to assume that I can jump higher than Mr. Bayless. 

    Skip implying that Blake Griffin didn't jump that high in this dunk is something even I know is preposterous. Really Skip?

    While I do agree that is wasn't technically a dunk (offensive foul), I disagree with Skip's entire assessment of it. 

    The dunk over Kendrick Perkins last year was not overrated. It was one of the greatest dunks of all time (even if it was technically a foul). 

    Good luck next time, Skip. 

Skip Bayless Picks Kwame Brown as the Worst #1 Pick at Small Forward

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    In this video, Chris Broussard (make his voice stop!) and Skip Bayless are picking their teams of the worst overall number one picks.

    Skip Bayless picks Kwame Brown on his team, which is understandable, but he picks him as a small forward. It just doesn't make sense. 

    At the same time, he picks Greg Oden, who I don't agree should ever be on a list like this because of his bad luck. The guy was just fine when he wasn't injured. 

    He also put Pervis Ellison on his list at shooting guard. Ellison was anything but a bust in his time. The reaction by Broussard to this pick says it all. 

Skip Bayless Leaves LeBron out of His Top 5 NBA Players

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    Honestly, I don't know what Skip Bayless is thinking. LeBron is easily the best player in the world of basketball. There really is no debating it. But, in this video, he doesn't even crack Skip's top 5 players in the league. 

    We, as NBA fans, would not be debating the guy's every move if he wasn't deserving of the attention. We do it because LeBron is that good. 

    Here are Skip's top 5 NBA players:

    1. Dwyane Wade

    2. Kobe Bryant

    3. Dirk Nowitzki

    4. Kevin Durant

    5. Carmelo Anthony

    Carmelo over LeBron? Really? Carmelo has had almost zero success in the playoffs. 

    The only thing more baffling than Skip's comments in this video is the fact that Stephen A. Smith leaves LeBron out of his top 5 as well.

    C'mon guys. 

James Harden Should Play Point Guard for OKC

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    Forget the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder are in the Western Conference Finals and one game away from taking out the San Antonio Spurs. 

    Skip Bayless still thinks they won't get far with Russell Westbrook as their starting point guard. He thinks they should start James Harden at the point guard position.

    Wait, what?

    Here's a good quote for you:

    The only way I can see them getting to the NBA Finals, certainly this year, is to take the plunge and start James Harden at the point. He is a much better point guard than Russell every dreams of being. He's slicker with the ball. Better vision. Better instincts. Better handle. Has better slither through the lane. I think Harden even gets Durant cleaner better shots. When Westbrook is playing it's almost like my turn, your turn. It's hard to win big playoff games shooting that many jump shots in that many iso situations.

    That quote comes from this article in the Chicago Tribune. Take a look at it and you'll see what I mean. 

    But, for now, that is a conclusion to my list of Skip Bayless' worst NBA arguments. The professional troll's voice is officially stuck in my head. 

    Let me know what you think as an NBA fan? Any that I skipped out on? Let me know in the comments below! 

    Oh and I'm new to the whole Twitter extravaganza, but you should definitely still check me out and throw me a follow: @andrewwallock8


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