Does Tim Tebow Have Any Potential to Become a Better Quarterback?

Faizan Qurashi@@FaizanQurashiAnalyst IIJune 5, 2012

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - MAY 24:  Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Jets works out at an organized team activity at the New York Jets practice facility on May 24, 2012 in Florham Park, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is arguably the most popular player in the NFL. Although many NFL fans—including myself—don't understand why, because it's certainly not based on skill.

When the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow, they didn't necessarily want him for what he had done in Denver (or else every team without a starting caliber quarterback would have made a bid for Tebow).

Rather, the Jets wanted Tebow for what he could do for them. 

So, when looking at his skills as a quarterback, is there any potential? the simple answer is yes, because he's still just 24. But I've heard numerous analysts and writers on ESPN and etc. say that while throwing motion can improve, becoming more accurate is much more difficult.

Tebow's biggest criticism is obviously his ability to throw in the pocket. Many are not a fan of his throwing motion, as he is one of the few left-handed quarterbacks in the NFL. But more so, fans don't like the fact that there are games in which he goes two for eight, such as the game vs. Kansas City. Tebow completed two passes, but threw a deadly touchdown pass, which ended up becoming the game-winner. 

When you break it down, I'm one to believe that habits are extremely hard to break. And Tim Tebow has probably thrown a football the same way a million times. It's practically engraved in his mind.

In fact, ESPN Sports Science did a video about Tebow's throwing motion and accuracy. So, I don't see his throwing motion changing much, if at all. The question then comes down to accuracy and timing. Tebow struggles on short to medium passes and routinely misses the small slots that QBs such as Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers can probably fit a pass through.

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But it doesn't mean Tebow will never improve.

The more experience he gets and the more coverages he sees, the better he'll get. But obviously the question is how much better.

Using a basketball analogy might be useful. NBA players such as Reggie Miller and Kevin Martin have funky shooting forms; Miller used both his hands and almost shot a two-handed shot, while Kevin Martin begins his shot from his hip and brings it up to his waist. The point is, they're effective.

Reggie Miller is an NBA Hall of Famer, and Kevin Martin is a routine 20-point scorer. 

The fact of the matter is that if Tebow works at it enough, he can become more accurate on his throws. Will he ever be as accurate as Tom Brady? Doubtful. But who says he needs to? Tebow's game is predicated on timely throws and big runs.

Cam Newton is a dual threat as well, and people seem to have no problem with his game. Tebow, however, needs to look to pass more rather than run. Too often in Denver if his primary target wasn't open, Tebow would break loose rather than stay calm in the pocket.

But he can learn—he was just a second-year quarterback. 

Now, I'm not hailing Tim Tebow as the next great quarterback, but too many people seem to have labeled his ceiling, and give him no opportunity for any improvement. He can, and most likely will get better. The question in New York will obviously be for Tebow to get some playing time. But even if he doesn't get it in New York, he can probably find someone to invest in him.

If Blaine Gabbert can be a starter after a horrendous year, then Tim Tebow can do the same. 


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