‪The 25 Future Stadiums We Can't Wait to See‬

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 31, 2012

‪The 25 Future Stadiums We Can't Wait to See‬

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    There's nothing like heading to the ballpark for a game. Sure scraping yourself off the couch in an effort to reach the remote before tip-off or kickoff is beloved tradition, but it pales in comparison to watching these warriors in the flesh. 

    On the other hand, forget the athletes.

    Attending a game is all about the visual brilliance. Some venues possess beauty. Others...not so much.

    But with the future quickly approaching, we're even more excited about the proposed and expected stadiums that are moments away from hosting athletic greatness.

    Doc Brown may have to sit this ride out, as we're set to take a peek into the future of sports stadiums.

    Here are 25 we can't wait to see.

25. Baylor Stadium

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    Thanks to massive donations and the stellar play of this past April's No. 2-overall pick, Baylor may have a must-see arena by 2014.

    There's nothing like a waterfront structure to get the adrenaline flowing.

24. Lusail Iconic Stadium

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    With iconic in the name, we're immediately struck with high expectations.

    But with a moat circling the stadium, at least 86,000 seats and solar-energy powering, this Qatar-based gem is setting a standard for the future.

23. New Corinthians Stadium

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    Set to host the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the legendary Corinthians football club for good, this 48,000-seater (20,000 extra to host opening game) seems ready to shock the world with its grace.

    It's squarish and vibrant exterior should cement the New Corinthians Stadium as the newest wonder of the sportsworld.

22. Cisco Field

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    Finally the Athletics won't have to share brutal O.co Coliseum with the Raiders. Cisco Field, here they come.

    San Jose fans will have more than hockey to cheer about when the stadium opens in 2017.

21. Dalian Sports Centre

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    Word has it that this China-based complex will open this June...phew...we can barely wait any longer.

    Set to replace Jinzhou Stadium, this 80,000-spectator stadium (pictured) will host several events in the 2013 National Games. But the complex also possesses a 6,000-seat sports field, a natatorium, a baseball field and an indoor tennis center.

    The Dalian Sports Centre budding star in the architecture business.

20. New Puskas Ferenc Stadium

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    When the old Puskas Ferenc is demolished sometime this year, construction of its replacement will begin. 

    Expected to be finished in 2015, this breathtaking site will host the Hungary national football team.

    And, naturally, plenty of awe-inspired fans.

19. Incheon Asiad Main Stadium

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    Preparing to host the 2014 Asian Games, you knew the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium was going to be a masterpiece.

    The architectural beauty is set to have a capacity of 60,000 for the Games, and then decrease to 30,000 afterward as a park. In Incheon, South Korea of course.

    The sunset only accentuates its stellar physique.

18. Santa Clara Stadium

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    California is clearly making serious moves, and fast.

    Set to be ready for the 2014 NFL season, Santa Clara Stadium will replace Candlestick Park as the bay-area home of the San Francisco 49ers.

    The 68,500-seat, approximately $1.2 billion project gives San Franciscans plenty to look forward to, as their current home continues to crumble, one crowd roar at a time.

17. Baku Olympic Stadium

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    This colorful, retractable-roof construction is currently under way in Baku, Azerbaijan, with plans to open in 2015.

    65,000 seats, hotels, shops, concerts...clearly not another typical soccer venue.

    Azerbaijan's national team must be foaming at the mouth.

16. Grand Stade De Casablanca

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    Before becoming home to Raja Casablanca, Wydad Casablanca and the Morocco National Football Team, Grand Stade de Casablanca will be constructed with 80,000 seats.

    Expected to be ready by 2013, this Morocco-based spectacle will become one of the largest capacity arenas in Africa. And likely the most glamorous.

    With Morocco hosting the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, this epic creation better hurry itself up.

15. Stanley Park Stadium

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    Design details may still be in the works, but Stanley Park Stadium is expected to be a visual masterpiece no matter what.

    The 72,000-seater will be home to John Henry's Liverpool club (yes, the same John Henry who owns the Red Sox), and possess arguably the most epic single tier in the world.

    But most importantly, it's daddy-long-legs-like exterior should send opponents sprinting for cover.

14. Fisht Olympic Stadium

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    With this stadium ready to be used for the opening and closing celebrations at the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, it's about time we uncover the inspiration behind the power.

    Based off of Russia's beloved Faberge Egg (or rather inspired by Faberge art), the Fisht Olympic Stadium located in Sochi Olympic Park will have 40,000 seats and two legendary views.

    With open views of the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains toward the north and the Black Sea toward the south, this spectacular venue offers more than just another trip to the ballpark.

13. San Mames Barria

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    Replacing the old San Mames Stadium as the home of Athletic Bilbao, this Spanish landmark will spark quite an energy in Basque Country fans when it is opened in 2013

    A unique transition will take place, from Spain's oldest stadium in San Mames Stadium (built in 1913) to this futuristic eye-pleaser.

    The San Mames Barria seems to offer quite the colorful paradise. At first sight, that is.

12. Timsah Arena

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    Turkish club Bursaspor is in for quite the prize next year.

    This leafy paradise is expected to be opened in 2013 with a capacity of 45,000.

    Its rich green exterior has us enamored, stunned and amazed. It almost resembles a camouflaged bug.

    Perfect for soccer.

11. New Zenit Stadium

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    With a retractable roof, sliding pitch and remarkable exterior, this 69,000-seater should set the footballing world on fire.

    The St. Petersburg-bound building will host the home matches of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, and seems a front runner to lead FIFA World Cup 2018.

    Tron in stadium form.

10. Friends Arena

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    Coming to a street near you this October...the black-and-yellow Friends Arena.

    Set to become the largest stadium in the Nordic countries, Friends Arena will host AIK and Sweden's national team on a regular basis.

    With a potential capacity of 65,000, this may be the largest beehive-looking structure on Earth.

9. Arena Das Dunas

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    Far more than just another wild architectural creation, this Brazil-focused arena has hotels and shops, an artificial lake and vibrant effects.

    The approximately $400 million project is prepared to host four matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    But it looks close to becoming a small city, rather than solely a sports complex.

8. Vikings Stadium

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    Sports fans jump at the sign of fireworks, and this new Vikings vision looks like a swell time.

    It'd better be, considering it'll cost $975 million to construct.

    But at least Zygi Wilf and his Minnesota club has state contributions of $348 million and the city of Minneapolis adding $150 million. $477 million, nice save.

    The Vikings will play the 2015 NFL season in TCF Bank Stadium, while the new park is being constructed.

7. Nou Mestalla

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    Valencia CF must be ecstatic to move from the beat-up Estadio Mestalla to this aesthetic masterpiece.

    Surrounded by aluminum and filled with wood, this epic creation began in August of 2007 but was halted in 2009 because of financial issues.

    With construction now under way again, the €200 million (slightly over $300 million) Nou Mestalla is expected to be finished in two years.


6. Al-Shamal Stadium

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    Due to open in the summer of 2017, this Qatar-bound proposal seems to be the stellar meshing of every quirky masterpiece in the Museum of Modern Art.

    It's brilliant curvature is said to be inspired by the local fishing vessels of the Persian Gulf, also known as dhows.

    Al-Shamal Stadium seems eager to launch from shore.

5. Barclays Center

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    Since the Dodgers left for Los Angeles in 1957, the borough of Brooklyn has had only street ball to be proud of.

    Until now.

    Kris Humphries and his pack of Nets must be pumped for their new home, a $4.9 billion complex to be precise.

    Next up? Sending shots of the new arena to all the top free agents.

4. Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium

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    This springy exterior may resemble a dying lily, but don't be fooled. The Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium is oozing with life.

    The flowery 80,000-seat arena sits next to the Qian Tang riverfront, and will host Hangzhou Nabel Greentown F.C. matches when it is opened next year.

    We're already speechless and we haven't even approached the entrance.

    Fun Fact: Forget lilies, the stadium design was actually based off of the plant life found on the banks of Hangzhou’s West Lake.

3. Guangzhou Extreme Sport Center

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    Clawing for victory as one of three winners in the race for a Guangzhou Cycling, Roller Skating and Extreme Sport Center, this specific project has all the makings of a champion.

    A Velodrome (pictured), a rollerskating arena, an extreme sport Center, an office building for the management of the Asian Games and facilities for BMX, mountainclimbing and mountainbiking.

    If that's not enough, just absorb its glassy energy.

2. Chelsea's New Battersea Power Station

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    While every other team in the world is flirting with curvaceous exteriors and glass bowl-like rooftops, Chelsea F.C. is setting a new trend.

    The industrial look. Pure brilliance.

    Chelsea may only be in the preliminary stages of a Battersea Power Station purchase, but its plans to turn the decommissioned coal-fired station into a monumental 60,000-person pitch has the world salivating.

    With nearly 20,000 extra spaces (Stamford Bridge has a capacity of 41,837) and four epic smoke stacks surrounding the field, Chelsea F.C. will be a tough task for any visitor.

    As if they aren't already.

1. Warriors Waterfront Arena

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    To complement arguably the coolest logo in sports, the Warriors are ready to unveil one of the sexiest arenas in sports.

    The estimated $500 million project is set to open in 2017, and it could possess the sports world's most phenomenal view. With the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the background, watching the Warriors is simply icing on the cake.

    Bay Area brilliance.


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