Lauren Tannehill: Ryan Tannehill's Wife Is Reason No. 1 to Watch Hard Knocks

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 29, 2012

Lauren Tannehill: Ryan Tannehill's Wife Is Reason No. 1 to Watch Hard Knocks

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    The Miami Dolphins will be featured on HBO's hot show Hard Knocks. But the best part of the show will not be Reggie Bush or any other star player, it will be Lauren Tannehill, wife of rookie Ryan Tannehill

    Palm Beach Post beat writer Ben Volin reports the Miami Dolphins will step up and claim the 2012 edition of Hard Knocks, citing coach Joe Philbin.

    Philbin announces that the #Dolphins will be on Hard Knocks. Says it was a "football decision."

    — Ben Volin (@BenVolinPBP) May 29, 2012

    That pales to one of his later tweets that states the obvious.

    Early choices for the stars of Hard Knocks: Philbin, Jared Odrick, Richie Incognito, Reggie Bush, Lauren Tannehill

    — Ben Volin (@BenVolinPBP) May 29, 2012

    Yes, one of the stars of this next season may very well be a wife and not an actual player. The next few slides will answer the various reasons why the next big thing in the sports world will be the wife of rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. 

    This will be one of the best seasons to date, and here is why. 

Media Storm

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    Ryan Tannehill took an immediate backseat to his wife when the Miami Dolphins selected him in the NFL draft.

    A Miami Hearld report shows how tremendous the coverage was on this mystery woman that captivated the nation. reports there were 800 tweets on her in the 10 minutes that followed her husband's selection. 

    So you can imagine what an actual show will garner in media attention. 

Amateur Model

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    Lauren Tannehill is an amateur model, and her work on Page.713 received a ton of attention once her husband was officially drafted into the pros. 

    The world loves what it loves, and it's clear they want more Lauren Tannehill. 

Twitter Fiend

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    If you are a fan of bikini pics or just more insight into how this gorgeous WAG thinks, you can follow her on Twitter. 

    Join in the fun that her 8,000-plus followers are already loving. 


A Little Background

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    Fine, we will dispense with some specifics. 

    The report tells us a few interesting things about this former Texas A&M student. She majored in communications and minored in psychology at A&M, and she reportedly works as a cardiology assistant. 

    I will resist some lame-ass joke about her stealing hearts. Wait, doh. 


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    Do we have another Tim Tebow

    Her Twitter feed is led with the following citation: 

    Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters :)

A Very Special Hard Knocks?

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    If you want a brief rundown of the possible storylines that will feature in the next season of Hard Knocks, Gregg Rosenthal of does an excellent job wrapping it all up. 

    Even Rosenthal has to admit that Tannehill will play a major roll in the show, a la Kelli Croyle during the Chiefs' edition Hard Knocks.

    I have a feeling this will be even greater. 

College Sweethearts

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    This is an old-fashioned tale of college sweethearts meeting, falling in love and living happily every after. I know, I am feeling a tad nauseous as well. 

    The two met in 2009 at Texas A&M, were engaged in May of 2011 and were married in January of 2012. Dolphins fans are hoping that their rookie QB is as quick to mature on the field as he is in his relationship. 

Right Choice?

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    This brings us to the great big question being asked by Dolphins fans at the moment: Was this the right decision for a franchise attempting to grow with added youth?

    From HBO's standpoint, this is a fantastic opportunity. 

    The Tannehills will provide the spice, and there is plenty of other plot points to keep fans riveted. But I fear this may be a little too much too soon for a rookie to absorb. 

Future Superstar

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    The hope is that Ryan Tannehill is a franchise quarterback. 

    The issue was that Miami took him so high in the draft despite the realization that he will take a season or two to mature in the NFL. 

    Now he is thrown into the national spotlight with a hit show and a wife that will guarantee he is featured heavily this season. 

    It's a huge gamble, and one that Miami didn't have to take. You won't see me complaining, though. 

Happy Couple

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    Congrats to the happy couple. 

    Ryan Tannehill is close to being given the franchise to lead, and his wife will most certainly be the next big thing. 

    Sure, the media attention may hurt this rookie's chances, but I like the gamble from the perspective of a football fan. 

    I will gladly sit back and take it all in. 

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