25 Sports Stars with the Shortest Fuses

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 24, 2012

25 Sports Stars with the Shortest Fuses

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    Stand back, because these next athletes are ready to blow. 

    We have collected the best and brightest hot heads in the business and displayed them all for us to take a look at and collectively shake our heads. 

    Some may be great hitters, and others are legends in their respective sports. However, they all remind us of that kid on the playground that took everything too seriously. 

    Sure, it may be the reason they are making millions, but they still look hilarious when they are going off on one of their tirades. 

    Let's count down the shortest fuses in sports as if they were one giant and awesome time bomb. 

25. Ndamukong Suh

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    Call it dirty play or just being a passionate pass-rusher, I call it tenuous decisions made in the briefest of moments. 

    Suh's hot head has caused him to make some questionable hits and downright dirty plays. On November 24, 2011, Suh pushed Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith's head into the ground and then stomped on his arm. 

24. Philip Rivers

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    There is hardly a bigger hard ass taking snaps. Rivers has a short fuse, and it can be exacerbated when his line goes soft and he spends more time on his back than a flopping Blake Griffin. 

    His greatest feat to date has to be his incessant rivalry with NFL mope Jay Cutler. Rivers is the meaner and angrier version of Cutler, and we like that. 

23. Frank Martin

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    Frank Martin only has two levels with which he likes to speak; loud and louder. The man is never not angry, and the picture here is Martin with his vacation face on. 

    I dare you to search out Martin and come back with a picture of anything but frustration or all-out rage. I am not sure what made the University of South Carolina basketball coach so mad, but someone please get him a hug. 

22. Richie Incognito

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    This is the apparent smile of the devil. 

    While it might not be that severe, Incognito does have a checkered past when it comes to fines, and he also happens to have the best name on this list. 

    The Dolphins guard can rack up the penalties and isn't afraid to launch into with officials either. He has garnered personal fouls for verbal abuse on officials and was once voted in as one of the dirtiest players by Sporting News

21. Mark Cuban

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    What do you get when you give one passionate sports fan an actual team to own and root for? Well, you get Mark Cuban. 

    He is the personification of every sports fan's dreams. I can't hate on a owner that takes some pride in his team and makes every last call from the officials or plays from the opposition as a personal affront, because we all do the same from our living rooms. 

20. Mike Gundy

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    The Oklahoma State head coach has one glorious piece of evidence as to his short fuse. 

    He lambastes a reporter that had the gall to question one of his student-athletes. He loses it, and we get to savor the moment for eternity. 

19. Sean Avery

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    Aww, look at this poor misunderstood soul. 

    Sean Avery has said things to piss people off and has done things to opponents to do the same, as he is the biggest instigator in the game. 

    He once had to seek anger management evaluations, albeit for his sloppy seconds comments. But he is also renowned as the NHL bad guy that everyone loves to hate. 

18. Bryce Harper

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    Bryce Harper plays like Pete Rose, except when he is in a slump of course. 

    The returns on the young phenom are still early, but we can guarantee he rocks one of the shortest fuses in baseball. 

    On May 11, Harper went 0-for-5 and decided to make sure his bat hit something. That's when he took the bat to a wall and had a piece of the splinter hit his temple. 

    The blood he wore after signaled how foolish he could be. Good thing he can play, because there will be plenty more of this stuff to come. 

    I can't wait. 

17. Kyle Busch

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    Kyle Busch seems to be always simmering and ready to explode. He has taken his aggression out on spotters and other drivers. 

    He even had to go the extra mile and release an open letter of apology at one point when his anger over stepped its bounds. 

16. Steve Downie

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    Steve Downie is not the least bit scared to mix it up and is one of the most volatile players to ever play the sport. 

    He has been suspended time and again for tenuous plays and overall reckless play. The biggest incident may have been his 2007 incident that saw him check an unsuspecting Dean McAmmond into the boards. 

    He would get a 20-game suspension. 

15. Andy Roddick

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    Andy Roddick is one hot little tamale, and the frustrations he experiences on the tennis court are the perfect instigator to some magical moments. 

    He has complained about everything from missed calls to an overly damp court. My favorite tirade came in the 2010 US Open

    It's impossible for him to foot fault with his right foot. Impossible!

14. Lou Piniella

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    We tried to keep this current, but there are some past stars that are just too good at getting irate to keep them off of this list. 

    Enter the master of getting tossed, Lou Piniella. 

    Sweet Lou had a knack for getting tossed with the swagger of an old man who has just lost it. Hooray. 

13. Gennaro Gattuso

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    Stand well back of this hot head that has a track record that is voluminous and brilliant. I encourage you to visit Goal.com that actually has a top-five breakdown of the best moments of Gattuso going off. 

    My favorite is the irate Milan star running over to the sidelines after a game with Tottenham and head-butting assistant Joe Jordan. 

12. Stan Van Gundy

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    There was nobody sadder than me that Stan Van Gundy was fired from his post as head coach of the Orlando Magic. Well, OK. SVG may have been a little sadder than me. 

    I just love everything about the awkward big guy that sweats as much as he yells, and he does a copious amount of both. 

    I really hope he finds work soon because the NBA is far more entertaining with him on the sidelines. 

11. Carlos Zambrano

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    Big Z has it bad. 

    Somewhere along the line, he developed an anger that is set off by long bouts of sucking. The one thing that alarms me is that he is prone to long fits of sucking. 

    Good for the city of Miami that Z has a 2.85 ERA for the time being and may be on his way to a great season. 

    If not, he and Ozzie Guillen sharing the same dugout will not end well. 

10. Kevin Garnett

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    Kevin Garnett scares me, and he should scare you too. 

    Obviously, he has never blown up in Metta World Peace fashion, but he remains that creepy dude that mumbles to himself all game and looks one moment away from swinging. 

    He can let loose with the verbal abuse as he yells and emotes better than any athlete every in the history of sports, ever. 

    He may be on the tail end of his career, but his anger issues give me the heebie jeebies. 

9. Bo Pelini

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    The head coach of the University of Nebraska would like a word. 

    Bo Pelini can lose it better than most, and his face turns a nice red that matches the Cornhuskers uniforms. So that works. 

    He even had to see the athletic director Tom Osbourne about his anger issues that reflected poorly on the University. 

8. Mario Balotelli

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    Americans would find more interest in soccer if they knew about guys like Mario Balotelli. There is so much drama that it's hard not to be drawn in. 

    The Italian international star is known for his dalliances, but also for his hot head that has dealt out some very public meltdowns. 

    He fights with teammates, kicks opponents in the head and finds reason to yell at Roberto Mancini

7. John McEnroe

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    Again, we have to pepper this list with a couple of anger greats that paved the way with a myriad of frustrating meltdowns. 

    There was, perhaps, nobody better than McEnroe who found that perfect way to argue with a great deal of anger and but the touch of whining. 

    Video has some NSFW language. 

6. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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    It's an odd thing. 

    Money May is so cool and collected in the ring. Nothing fazes him, and he is beyond patient with his tactics, but that all goes out the window when the bell rings. 

    Mayweather will spend time in jail for domestic violence and once called out Larry Merchant in a post-fight interview. 

    He is a ticking time bomb until he steps in the ropes, and then he is a measure maestro. 

5. Milton Bradley

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    For years, one team after another would take the biggest gamble in sports. 

    It seems that time has ended, as Milton Bradley continues to be a major league free agent. The raw talent that would have made him one of the game's best couldn't overcome his immense anger and ridiculously short fuse.

    He even threw a bottle into the stands and yelled at a fan when he was a LA Dodgers outfielder. He continued to bounce around teams, as each organization was lured by his all-around talent. 

    He certainly made each game more exciting to watch. 

4. Tiger Woods

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    Frustration and golf go together like peanut butter and jelly, or Tyler Perry and the rolling of eyes. 

    That usual frustration is far more enjoyable when it belongs on another. The 2012 Masters gave us all a great meltdown moment as Tiger Woods shanked a shot and then kicked his club. Oh no. 

    We have all done worse, I am sure. 

3. Serena Williams

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    Serena Williams is best known for her dominance on the tennis court. We can go ahead and admit that. 

    After that, it's a tie between her anger issues and her gaudy outfits. For this here, we concentrate on the glory that is her temper. 

    The best has to be the slow and brilliant meltdown suffered at the 2009 US Open, where she is alleged by a judge to have said, "I will kill you." 

    The officials come out and pull the plug before things get even uglier. 

2. Ozzie Guillen

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    Ozzie Guillen could make a number of lists. Controversial figures is just one that comes to mind, but he is also one of the quickest tempers in the game. 

    He is an equal opportunity firecracker. He will take on players, reporters and umpires. They are all the same in his eyes and will all feel his wrath at some point. 

1. Metta World Peace

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    I love watching Metta World Peace play. Seriously, I want to marry it. 

    You have no clue what will happen next with MWP. He is the most enigmatic athlete around and could make you laugh with some rather puzzling comments or make you gasp with some vile action. 

    The man has his mental issues that he continues to battle, and they also cause him to explode emotionally.

    His latest deplorable act was throwing an elbow at James Harden in a late-regular season game. The act warranted the subsequent seven-game suspension. 

    Follow me on Twitter and work out your anger issues.