The 20 Most Overly Excited Sports Announcers

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterMay 23, 2012

The 20 Most Overly Excited Sports Announcers

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    Excluding the officials, announcers are quite often the worst part of any sporting event. These smug blowhards have an uncanny ability to ruin and entire game with nothing more than a single sentence. Which is bad enough, considering we're subjected to three straight hours of their game ruining rhetoric. 

    Seriously, if I had a nickel for every time I've said "Joe Buck makes me wish someone would cut my ears off and gouge my eyes out so I'd never have to hear his stupid voice again" or "Phil Simms is the dumbest, palest, most boring nerdlinger on the planet," I'd have a large number of nickels.  

    But they aren't all bad. National broadcasters are generally pretty wretched, but local announcers can be pretty awesome. They aren't afraid to pick sides and taunt the refs for a bad call or join in on a celebration when their team scores. That kind of excessive enthusiasm can actually add to the fun. 

    Oh, and don't get me started on the awesomeness of soccer announcers. Those guys know how to call a game—am I right?

    Let's take a look at 20 of the most overly excited sports announcers. 

20. Michigan State vs. Wisconsin

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    When Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson completed a pass on fourth down late in a game against Michigan State in December 2011, there were few people more excited about it than the announcers on FOX Sports.

    Sure it was a great throw and an excellent reception, but it sounds like this dude had some money on the game or something. 

19. Arsenal vs. AC Milan

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    I think it's safe to say that Sky Sports' announcers Charlie Nicholas is an Arsenal fan. Either that or he's just really, really excitable. 

    At least the boys gave him something to cheer about—they defeated AC Milan 3-0.

18. Wizards vs. Raptors

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    In the waning seconds of a game in 2007, the Wizards' Gilbert Arenas sunk a couple of free throws which gave them a three point lead on the Raptors. All the Wizards had to do was kill four seconds and, naturally, they failed. 

    Mo Pete ended up with the ball in his hands as time expired and chucked up his only shot of the game—which he hit for three to tie the game. The announcer couldn't believe his eyes. 

    Although, as the Wizards announcer, he should really be used to that kind of thing.

17. MIAA Playoff Game

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    I had absolutely no idea that high school lacrosse games even had announcers, but I'm certainly glad they do. Otherwise, I'd never have had the pleasure of hearing this call.

    After a goal is scored, broadcaster Booker Corrigan gives us the whitest rendition of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Big Poppa." Screams Corrigan:

    Believe me sweetie, I gotta enough to feed the needy 
    No need to be greedy, mad friends with Benz's 
    And C notes by the layas 
    I love it when you call me big poppa 

16. Manchester City vs. Queens Park Rangers

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    In May 2012, Manchester City exorcised 44 years worth of demons when they defeated Queens Park Rangers in dramatic fashion to capture the Premier League Title.

    What made it so dramatic was that both the game-tying and game-winning goals came in extra time. Announcer Paul Merson could hardly keep it together after the second extra time goal was scored. 

15. CN8 Candlepin Challenge

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    First a big thank you to whoever thought to watch candlepin bowling in the first place and captured this priceless moment at the CN8 Candlepin Challenge in 2006. 

    One lucky audience member was given the opportunity to win $100 for rolling a strike. When Helen succeeds, it sounds like it might be the best moment of announcer Dan Murphy's entire life. 

14. Bruins vs. Flyers

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    The Boston Bruins' play-by-play announcer, Jack Edwards, is well known for his colorful style of broadcasting. He's even got his very own "best of" compilation on YouTube. 

    In this clip Edwards' reaction to a Milan Lucic hit on a Flyer is priceless. Pairing exuberant bloodlust with a maniacal laugh is always a winning combination—at least in my book.

13. Marist High School vs. St. Patricks High School

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    In October 2011, Marist high school kicker Tom O'Neil lined up for a last second 36-yard field goal attempt that would give his team the win over St. Patrick. High school kickers aren't really known for their accuracy or distance, so nobody was really expecting him to make it. 

    The announcer certainly didn't—initially he suspected the team was about to fake the field goal in hopes that the speedy holder could run it in for a score. So when it turned out to be a kick, a good one at that, dude completely lost his marbles. 

12. Arsenal vs. Manchester United

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    Okay, so the video quality here isn't exactly the best. Oh, and the language isn't exactly English—I think it's actually Arabic. 

    All that aside, it's still ridiculously awesome. When Arsenal scores the go-ahead goal, the announcer speaks the universal language of screaming enthusiasm. 

11. Unicaja vs. Real Madrid

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    In spring 2011, Madrid and Unicaja played a very tight game—two points separated the teams with 30 seconds left on the clock. You can tell right off the bat that the tensions of the game had been getting to the announcer. 

    He's speaking Spanish, but his voice is hoarse and he's obviously been yelling for quite some time. When Unicaja sinks an unlikely three to win the game as time expires…well…let's just say the yelling doesn't stop.

10. Cal vs. Baylor

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    In the 2011 NCAA baseball tournament, Cal defeated Baylor in regional action. The finish was dramatic—the Bears scored the winning run off a walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth. 

    And wow was the announcer excited. I don't think this dude would have been any happier if they had won the World Series.

9. Milan vs. Auxerre

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    This video was uploaded in September 2010, but that's about all the information I've got besides the teams playing. 

    Not that it even matters—watching this lovable old coot celebrate by screaming and handing out hugs to the men in the room, that's the real treat.

8. Lewiston Maineiac vs. Montreal Junior

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    In April 2011, Lewiston Maineiacs forward Etienne Brodeur netted a last second game-winning goal in a game against Montreal Junior. Needless to say, it was a very exciting moment for all involved. 

    The announcer's reaction to the goal is actually quite jarring. I'm not used to hearing excited play-by-play in French, but it was rather enjoyable until it was interrupted by a bone-chilling screech of elation. 

7. Rome vs. Juventus

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    In 2010, Rome defeated Juventus with a dramatic last second goal and the Italian announcer couldn't be happier—dude completely loses it. 

    His shrill, screaming delivery of the word "Goal!" over and over again actually made me think that the audio was skipping…somehow. But it wasn't, it was just him screaming the whole time.

6. Lindsey Wilson College vs. Georgetown

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    Initially I thought this announcer from Lindsey Wilson College was so excited because they had just defeated Georgetown—like the real one, in Washington, DC. The one that usually makes the tournament and is often ranked in the top 25. 

    But apparently it's Georgetown College out of Kentucky—not exactly the same thing. Nonetheless, a win is a win. And the announcer celebrated this one in grand fashion.

5. Netherlands vs. Argentina

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    In the 89th minute of a World Cup quarterfinal match against Argentina in 1998, the Netherlands scored the go ahead goal and took a 2-1 lead. 

    If you guessed that the dutch radio announcer in this clip goes crazy over the score—you're right. Listen as he screams the name "Bergkamp" over and over and over—it starts to get weird after awhile.

4. High School Football Game

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    Anyone who has completely flipped their sh*t after a referee blows a call and overturns their team's ridiculously amazing play will completely understand where these announcers are coming from. 

    The opposing team's quarterback throws an obviously backwards pass, which was picked up by the home team and run in for a touchdown. The ref called it an incomplete pass, which negated the score. 

    The announcers did not take the bad call very well, "Nuts and bolts! We got Screwed!!"

3. Barcelona vs. Getafe CF

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    In 2007, Getafe had the misfortune of drawing Barcelona in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Cup. The game was tied until late in the action when Messi scored the go-ahead goal, giving Barcelona a 2-1 victory. 

    In case you weren't sure it was Messi, the announcer is sure to stress that for you in the moments after the goal. "MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI."

2. Marist vs. Curie Metropolitan

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    The title of this clip is "Best Basketball Announcer Call Ever." It might sound like a bit of hyperbole run amok, but I actually think the title is pretty accurate.

    Announcer Brian Snow's reaction to Marist's buzzerbeater shot that secured the win over Curie Metropolitan is one of the best things on the Internet. 

1. Real Madrid vs. Mallorca

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    Pairing a Scottish announcer with an American color man for a soccer match is a recipe for kookiness. In this clip the announcer is launching into a pretty profound analysis of a Real Madrid goal—seriously, this guy really gets on a roll. 

    Well, at least he was on a roll, until the doofus American color man has the audacity to mention the elephant in the room (or stands), Tom Cruise. To say that the announcer was displeased would be the understatement of the century. 

    I suspect the color man later cried alone in the bathroom.

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