Premier League: 10 Players That Need Better Goal Celebrations

James Kent@jimlk2007Contributor IIIMay 21, 2012

Premier League: 10 Players That Need Better Goal Celebrations

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    We have seen some fantastic goals in the Premier League this season. And it is certainly true that we have some fantastic goal-scorers. But those players do not always celebrate their strikes in a way that shows they really enjoyed them.

    So much so that when we see a great goal celebration, it really stands out. Therefore, I am going to look at 10 Premier League players that need a better goal celebration.

Jermain Defoe

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    Jermain Defoe has had another solid season in the Premier League, and over the years he has consistently scored in England's top-flight. However, there is nothing original or special about the way that he celebrates. So, that is something to work on.

Clint Dempsey

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    Clint Dempsey has had a fantastic season, proving to be one of the very best in world football in providing goals from the midfield.

    I think it is fair to say that his celebrations are nowhere near as exciting as the strikes themselves. Maybe now that Clint has proved to be such a good scorer, he can throw something unique out in terms of a celebration.

Steven Fletcher

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    Steven Fletcher was one of the few bright sparks of Wolves' season. But his celebrations don't offer much that we haven't seen before. He is another player that could look at a more interesting way to celebrate his next goal.


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    Like Fletcher, Yakubu was one of the bright sparks for Blackburn. He proved to be a regular goal-scorer in the Premier League this season.

    But they weren't enough to keep Blackburn in the league. I would have thought that Yakubu would stay in the Premier League. Instead, he can spend the summer coming up with a more interesting goal celebration.

Danny Graham

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    The Swansea City striker has had a fine first season in the Premier League. He offers a little more variety and energy with his goal celebrations, but we have seen them all before. I would like to see something a bit different after Graham scores his next goal. 

Grant Holt

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    I have been sitting here wondering why Grant Holt didn't make England's Euro 2012 squad. Well, it is now obvious that it is because he doesn't do a somersault after scoring. So Grant, next time you score at Carrow Road, throw one in and see what happens. 

Darren Bent

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    It's probably a bit unfair to criticize Darren Bent's season too much, due to the injury. He was playing decent enough before the injury. So, he is a smiling guy after scoring and pats his chest a lot, but let's see some more crazy dance moves. 

Peter Crouch

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    Come on, Peter, let's go back to the robot dancing. You can be one of the few players that does something slightly different when you score. After all, it is better than being in this list as another player that has the same old routine and mundane celebration. 

Frank Lampard

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    Frank Lampard has been one of the best goal-scoring midfielders in Premier League history. However, he never really manages to come up with anything special to celebrate them. He is another one that I would like to see throw in the odd somersault.

Edin Dzeko

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    Some of these goals are so spectacular that maybe the Manchester City striker doesn't have to worry about improving his goal-scoring celebrations. Nevertheless, there's nothing very exciting about the way the striker celebrates his strikes.

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