Remember when the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots?

Ryan AminContributor IMarch 5, 2008

Before any stats, names, or highlights, I have to say that you can’t write endings like this.

The New York Giants are the 2008 Super Bowl Champions.

Not only did they just win the Super Bowl; they won by going through one of the greatest teams in history.

They defeated a talented 18-0 Patriots team, who were led by the best quarterback in the league. The Giants pulled off an epic upset and it will surely be brought up during any conversation about an underdog.

To open the game, the Giants ran more than nine minutes off the clock and came up with a field goal. The Patriots scored a touchdown on their opening drive, and it seemed like it was going to be a high-scoring game like most analysts had predicted.

It turned out that score would remain the same until the fourth quarter.

The Giants finally broke the scoring drought with a 80-yard drive ending with Manning’s first Super Bowl touchdown pass.

Two drives later the Patriots answered back with their own 80-yard drive ending with a Brady touchdown pass.

After the Patriots touchdown, Eli Manning had a drive that will define his career.

With two minutes and three timeouts left, New York had to 83 yards to go. They converted a fourth and short, which was soon followed by the play of the game.

It was third and five, and right after the snap, two Patriots lineman had a combined three hands on Eli Manning.

Just as New York fans cringed, Manning broke free and heaved a twenty-yard pass to a jumping David Tyree. 

Four plays later, Manning, the soon to be Super Bowl MVP, stood tall in the pocket and found Plaxico Burress wide open in the end zone. As Burress caught the ball, both Giants fans and Patriots haters joined together in one loud cheer.

The main reason the Giants were in the game was because of a powerful defensive effort. They sacked Brady an impressive five times.

Brady was protected by an offensive line that consisted of three Pro-Bowlers who struggled to keep up with the Giants.

New York’s defense, who gave up 38 points to New England in week 16, held the Patriots to a season low 14.

The reason they won was because of an amazing performance by Eli Manning in the fourth quarter. He threw two touchdowns (both of which took the lead), no interceptions, and completed nine of fourteen passes in the fourth.

The Patriots simply lost because they were outplayed. This was clearly displayed when Eli broke free from a collapsed pocket and David Tyree pulled down the pass from New England safety Rodney Harrison. New England moved the ball well at times, but was eventually stopped cold by the Giants defense.

Now, after it is all over, both teams have some interesting stories.

The Giants pulled off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history by winning their 11th  straight game on the road. Eli Manning was the Super Bowl MVP a year after his brother did the same thing (there's not much more brothers could do to make their parents proud).

As for the Patriots, their season is, unfortunately, a bust. Yes, they were 16-0 in the regular season, and they were eventually 18-0, but for a team that was looking to solidify a dynasty, it isn’t enough.

This game was flat out awesome. It was a great finish to the game and the season, unless you’re a Patriots fan.