TNA: 6 Reasons Why Motor City Machine Guns Are the Best TNA Tag Team Ever

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIMay 19, 2012

TNA: 6 Reasons Why Motor City Machine Guns Are the Best TNA Tag Team Ever

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    There is no doubt that The Motor City Guns are one of TNA’s most popular tag teams. Although, the team has only won the TNA World Tag Team Championship on one occasion, compared to Beer Money Inc. who have won the belts a record four times and Team 3D who have held the belts twice, MCMG have arguably carved themselves as the best tag team in TNA history.

    Chris Sabin made his debut in TNA in April 2003 and a month later went on to win the TNA X Division Championship.  Sabin had a strong promising start in TNA and showed great speed and athleticism. For the most part Sabin challenged for the TNA X Division Championship as a singles wrestler before joining forces with Shelley.  

    Alex Shelley debuted in TNA in 2004 as ‘Baby Bear’ Alex Shelley but only stayed with the company for a short while before resigning with the company in 2005. Shelley initially joined as one half of a tag team with Michael Shane but shortly after joined forces with Sean Waltman to take on the tag team division. After the team abandoned Shelley went on to wrestle in the X Division and then went on to form the Paparazzi Productions.  

    Sabin and Shelley didn’t become a tag team in TNA until 2007 after showing glimpses of teamwork in the Xscape match at the Pay-Per-View Lockdown. The team originally went under the name Murder City until changing their name to Motor City Machine Guns. Since then the team has gone on to become the best tag team the company has ever had.

6. Not Just Some Guys on the Roster

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    It’s safe to say that these guys aren’t your standard wrestlers. Even as single competitors, both guys stand out as outstanding performers. Both guys are extremely talented wrestlers and when teamed together, they are even better.

5. Popularity

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    MCMG have always been popular with the fans. Whether as single competitors, faces or heels they never been without a fanbase, and that’s not a fluke. Sabin and Shelley have loyal fans because they are talented and entertaining wrestlers.

4. Have Won Several Accomplishments Outside of TNA

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    Sabin and Shelley not only have become TNA World Tag Team Champions.

    They have also won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, the ZERO1-MAX International Lightweight Tag Team Championship, the AAW Tag Team Championship and PWI and Pro Wrestling Report Tag Team of the Year for 2010.

3. Why So Serious?

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    It’s clear to see that Shelley and Sabin enjoy what they do. Neither wrestler seems to see their job as dull or a chore but instead they enjoy their job.

    The team has cut endless entertaining and funny segments in their time in TNA. Not only are they having fun whilst cutting the promos, but the fans also enjoy watching them.

2. Best Friends

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    It sounds like a cliché but if you are close friends with your tag team partner then the chances are you are more likely to have great in ring chemistry together.

    Quite often, if you are close enough with a friend you think on a similar mind wave or at least understand their mind wave.

    In the case of being a tag team in a wrestling company this comes as a huge advantage when doing double-team moves. If you know your partner's thoughts, then you can predict what they are about to do and double-team your opponents.

1. Actually Wrestle as a Tag Team

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    A wrestling tag team is not simply about putting two random guys on the roster together and clarifying they are a tag team. It’s much more than that.

    For a tag team to be successful they need to wrestle as a team. They need to know each other's wrestling moves, thoughts and work with them.

    A tag team match is not just about tagging the other guy in when you feel weak, it is about performing moves together, knowing each strengths and weakness and working together.