Why Can't the Pittsburgh Steelers Ever Win Without Controversy?

Romo to WittenCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

The majority of America felt disgusted and sorry for Mike Holmgren and his Seattle Seahawks after Super Bowl XL, which was one of the worst officiated games in NFL history.

I had never seen more articles written after one game about officiating like that Super Bowl, and how the refs seemed to be on a mission to ensure The Bus left Detroit with a Super Bowl ring.

Mission accomplished, refs. That was absolutely ridiculous.

Now we fast forward to 2009, Steelers vs. Cardinals, for one more year of bragging rights, and most of America is wondering if those same officials made the trip.

I sat in a room with about 25 people, only knowing about 10 of them, but not one person in that room, Steelers fan alike, said the refs were not, once again, favoring the Steelers.

This is insane that the worst officiated games just so happened to be when the Steelers are involved.

I guarantee you, you put the Raiders in these situations, and the results would be different.

I'm saying that because the Raiders and Al Davis will never get calls to go their way. The league has had it out for them ever since he moved them from Oakland to L.A., to Oakland, to L.A., to Oakland...etc. :)

In yesterday's game it seemed that if the teams would have been switched, and those same plays occurred, you would not have seen half those calls made, because the calls would have hindered Pittsburgh.

One Eagles fan whom I was watching the game with, who said he wanted Pittsburgh to win, even stated the refs should have been wearing black and gold stripes, with the words "12th Man" on the front.

I watch as many games as I can each year. I love football. I've seen every TD celebration I can think of. Wes Welker gets fined for making a snow angel in the snow, and he didn't even use the football as a prop.

Now, the rulebook does state, if you use the football as a prop, there is a penalty. Bottom line. That is it. Prop.

Then how is it that I see Santonio Holmes doing his post-TD celebration, with the football, which by definition is a prop! How is this not called?

Answer: Because he is a Pittsburgh Steeler.

How do you call roughing the holder on a kick? Adrian Wilson clearly did not try it. Shouldn't that have been possibly a five-yard penalty? Oh wait, that occurred against Pittsburgh. That's right.

A 15-yard facemask was called against, if I recall, Rodgers-Cromartie against Holmes, when both were grabbing each other's facemask, yet there was still no "head-turning" that occurred. Therefore, there never should have been a call.

The rulebook states the player's head has to be jerked or moved in order to call a 15-yard penalty. Oh wait, that goes out the window when it happens to a Pittsburgh Steeler player. My bad.

The worst that I've probably seen has got to be the final play. It was almost a mirror image or the previous Kurt Warner "fumble, no, incomplete pass" play from earlier in the game.

We're talking the final play of the Super Bowl! And we can't even get a replay? Both Madden and Michaels were already preparing for one more play and just a little more hype. And we can't even get a replay? Are you serious!?

Oh wait...that would not have been beneficial to the Pittsburgh Steelers, would it? Maybe I missed that. In that case, the refs were correct. It would have been ludicrous to have a replay occur that could in the end affect the Steelers winning that game.

Good call, refs. Hope you cash out those paychecks the Rooney's gave you quick before you get questioned too much.

How about Mr. League Defensive MVP? Oh, isn't he great, running that pick back all the way for a TD? Followed that up with a cheap shot that caused John Madden to say, "He should be kicked out of the game for that one."

I'm sure the Steeler fans will say he did nothing wrong on that play, because the Steeler fans are still living in their "tunnel-vision."

And if you question why I say Steeler fans have "tunnel-vision" when it comes to their team, here's only one example I will give:

Friend of mine, huge Steelers fan, tells me how in Super Bowl XXX, when the Cowboys beat Pittsburgh, that the Steelers were far and away the better team that year. They were robbed.

Better team? I responded with who was exactly on those two teams that year...Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Moose Johnson, probably the best O-line in the game at that time, along with one of the best D's in the league. His Steelers were led by Neil O'Donnell, Bam Morris, Yancey Thigpen, and Andre Hastings?

And that team was better? After pointing out the players in the game, he still said the Cowboys weren't a better team. He lives with the Pittsburgh "tunnel-vision."

Steeler fans feel that unless they won the game, they were somehow robbed. And after most losses they'll tell you how the other team didn't win the game, but rather how their Steelers gave the game away.

This is the working man's team. If they don't win there is an injustice!

I'm sure every response I get will be to me bitching about the game, because I didn't want the Steelers to win.

You're right, I hate the Steelers. I loathe the Steelers. This year has only made me despise them that much more.

They can never do anything on their own.

The worst part is, if Kurt Warner doesn't hand Pittsburgh the ball right before the half, Arizona would be kings of the world right now. The Steelers should give Kurt a small bundle of cash for that one, too.

All I see, since I wasn't around for the previous four super bowls the Steelers won, is that the last two they did, they didn't win for themselves.

The Steelers walk away this year with the title after beating and 8-8 team, the Ravens with no offense and a rookie quarterback, and a 9-7 Cardinals team that was playing above its level. Yet, Arizona still should have won the game.

All of Seattle must feel downright horrible for Arizona, knowing exactly how they feel.

The room full of 25 people I was in last night was ready to riot.

The officiating has become an absolute joke when they are doing a Steeler game.

Unless you're a Steeler fan, and you enjoy getting enough bad calls to sway your games, then you're as sick of it as I am.

Just once, once, I would love to see the Steelers go out and win one game for themselves when it matters the most.

Well, until the next Steelers' Super Bowl appearance, I'll enjoy some good officiating.

Go refs.


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