Erik Kuselias: Move to NBC Hints Nothing Has Changed for Controversial Kuselias

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIMay 15, 2012

Source: Mopsquad.com
Source: Mopsquad.com

Something doesn't add up in the tale of Erik Kuselias' "move up" from the Golf Channel to NBC Sports Talk, suggesting that his most recent switcheroo might have been provoked for the same reason as his first.

Kuselias was once a talking head at ESPN, but the Worldwide Leader let his contract expire in 2009 without seeming to make an effort to keep him around. In 2011, he moved on to the Golf Channel's Morning Drive, where he served as co-host along with Gary Williams—but no longer, according to Deadspin and Wei Under Par.

This is where it gets sketchy. Golf Channel spokesperson Dan Higgins told Wei that since Kuselias has done such a great job on assignment with NBC Sports Talk (the Golf Channel is one of the networks under the umbrella of the NBC Sports Group), his "focus is being shifted to that."

Higgins also specifically told Wei that Kuselias was not fired.

Worth noting, too, is Kuselias' alleged history at ESPN, where sources told Deadspin a couple of years ago that he had a reputation for inappropriate conduct with his female coworkers. Though ESPN never formally addressed the reasons why he wasn't offered a new contract, there has been constant speculation that the network tried to weed him out because of his personal conduct.

Is NBC trying to do the same thing by moving him to a program where he'll be less visible? 

Kuselias' history of inappropriate office relations, coupled with the fact that he's sparked up a relationship with the Golf Channel's Holly Sonders, could explain his strange and hasty departure from Morning Drive, which was put into effect with little warning to viewers.

Indeed, as Wei points out, the way the Kuselias situation was handled by the Golf Channel is more than vaguely reminiscent of the way it was handled by ESPN a few years back. Is there something being swept under the rug?

Kuselias' insistence upon being "promoted" comes across as a desperate attempt to prove otherwise. After announcing his "leap" to NBC, he tweeted:

@KAHambone thx. Moving up to NBC is a wonderful thing and great place to be. I'm sad to leave GC but SO excited for this great opportunity

— Erik Kuselias (@fantasyEK) May 13, 2012

"@ahh2fly Thanks Monica. The NBC opportunity is too great to pass up. Thanks to Golf channel for ultimately agreeing to let them take me

— Erik Kuselias (@fantasyEK) May 13, 2012

Much of this will become a lot clearer once Kuselias' role with NBC Sports Talk is solidified. If his presence on the show is buried and/or short-lived, answers to the questions surrounding his "promotion" will become a lot clearer.