The 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of NFL Players

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIMay 16, 2012

The 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of NFL Players

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    Anyone can fall victim of being portrayed hilariously by a photograph, even NFL players.

    Throughout the years, these players have dazzled us on the football field with brilliant plays and breathtaking games. But that doesn't mean they haven't been endorsed ridiculously, found themselves on the bottom of a funny-looking pile or let their emotions get the best of them.

    Thankfully there was a camera in place to capture these hilarious yet embarrassing moments, and in the words of Daniel Tosh, "for that, we thank you." These are the most embarrassing photos of NFL players.

Cutler's Priceless Pose

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    Jay Cutler just got the stupid knocked out of him.

    His hair's a mess, his eyes look cross-eyed and it looks like he's trying to say something but can't quite make out the words. But then again, the force of the hit might have caused him to let out an abrasive "aaaarrrghhh."

    Though it was a frightening to see your quarterback get the prima donna knocked out of him, it always helps when your offensive lineman tries to catch his helmet.

That's My Quarterback

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    Oh Terrell, you are just good television.

    Terrell Owens crying about his quarterback Tony Romo is one of the funniest moments I can remember involving an NFL athlete. He was so serious and dramatic when the moment really didn't call for tears.

    It came as such a surprise. T.O. being dramatic with media surrounding him? Color us all shocked. It certainly made for a good soundbite and photograph though.

I Told You Not to Disagree with My Calls!

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    I've got to go cliche on this slide by saying a "picture is worth a thousand words."

    You could right a dad-gum novel about this picture, and the jokes are limitless. Obviously, the referee did not intentionally hit Kenneth Darby, but then again, did he?

    If you watch the video, you'll see his "effort" to get out of the way, and the forearm shiver that occurred instead. Though it looked fishy, you have to give to the ole' ref. Guy throws punches like Jon "Bones" Jones.

Gross Man

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    This is just dirty.

    Green Bay Packers fans have had a lot of fun with this photo, and it's all at the expense of Rex Grossman.

    I'm finding it very difficult to talk about this picture while still being professional, so let's move on for the sake of keeping jobs.

Wrong Way My Dude

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    Jim Marshall seized the moment when he picked up a San Francisco 49ers fumble.

    But what followed was not very glorifying. Marshall picked up the fumble and rushed 66 yards in the wrong direction. Once Marshall thought he scored, he threw the ball in the air and it went out of bounds.

    The play occurred in 1964, and when it comes to the most boneheaded plays in NFL history, that play still tops them all.

"Wareing" Brees Out?...

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    Once again, this is borderline NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

    DeMarcus Ware gets to Drew Brees and puts a hit on him, and he decides to watch the play unfold saddled on top of Brees.

    It's not just the fact that Ware's on top of Brees, but it's the way he has his hands and everything. It's safe to say Ware made himself a little too comfortable.

He Seriously Didn't Just Miss That Did He?

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    Scott Norwood will never live down missing a 47-yard field goal at the end of Super Bowl XXV.

    The Bills would drop the game to the New York Giants following the missed kick, and this picture says it all.

    Norwood's follow through while keeping his eyes on the placeholder is about as embarrassing as it can get. But then again, wait until you see the rest of the photos on this slideshow.

Punch Drunk Cutler

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    Referees just can't keep their hands off football players these days.

    Actually, this one is Cutler's fault. Without thinking, Cutler walks right by the ref as he signals the timeout, and Cutler walked into the ref's waving arm.

    As you can tell by the picture above, it seemed to rock Cutler, but Cutler would recover and catch his helmet behind his back.

    Poor Cutler. As if he doesn't take enough beatings from opposing defenses, he has to worry about running into referees making calls. Or you know, he could watch where he's going.

Broadway Joe's Panty Hose

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    Say it isn't so, Joe.

    Joe Namath in panty hose is a sight I could have went my entire life without seeing, but thanks to the glory that is HBO's documentaries, I had the privilege of witnessing it.

    Namath's attitude toward wearing them in the documentary was equivalent to kid's take on life in general: YOLO (you only live once).

Burress in Court

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    I hate to bring down the mood, but this slide calls for a serious demeanor.

    Plaxico Burress getting charged in court had to be the most humiliating thing for him because of the fact that he didn't kill anybody with his gun.

    No, the man shot himself, and he had two years taken away from him for doing so. This is certainly an image that Burress is trying to repair and move past.

Steven Jackson Goes Nude

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    Steven Jackson shows off his body for ESPN The Magazine, and it's more than what I wanted to see.

    I mean I'm sure the guy is proud of all of his muscles and willing to flaunt what he's got, but pictures like these are hard to erase.

    As the movie "Tropic Thunder" so sensatively stated, you never go "full retard," and in Jackson's case here, you never go full nude.

Romo Fumbles the Snap

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    Tony Romo's botched snap against the Seattle Seahawks is something that the Dallas Cowboys may never forget.

    In a 2006-07 season playoff game, Romo fumbled the snap of a 19-yard game-winning field goal attempt, recovered the ball, ran for the goal line and got tackled short of the end zone.

    To his credit, Romo would shake this play off and have himself a pretty impressive NFL career down in Dallas.

Gronkowski Gets Down and Dirty, or so It Seems

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    Rob Gronkowski tried to get his Twitter followers up the best way he knew how: take a picture with a porn star.

    I'll give Gronkowski the benefit of the doubt and say that he was indeed trying to raise his followers, but the picture is certainly suggestive that something went on between the two.

    Gronkowski was very apologetic to Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots organization for his actions, but once that picture goes viral, it's hard to act like it never happened.

Suh's Stomp

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    This is just classless.

    Most of the pictures on here are all in good fun, but this picture of Ndamukong Suh stomping Evan Dietrich-Smith's sternum is pathetic.

    It's embarrassing for Suh, it's embarrassing for the Detroit Lions and it's embarrassing for the NFL. This is a photo that will haunt Suh's reputation for a very long time.

Favre's Infamous Text

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    This isn't the picture I had in mind for Brett Favre.

    Of all of the embarrassing pictures that have been displayed on this slideshow, the picture of "little Favre" tops them all. In case you've been living under a rock, Favre sent "cock shots" to New York Jets Gameday Host Jenn Sterger a couple of years ago.

    Instead of remebering Favre for his child-like passion for the sport, many now remember him for his pedophile-like texts to Sterger.