UFC on FOX 3 Results: 10 Memorable Moments from Diaz vs. Miller

Sean SmithAnalyst IMay 6, 2012

UFC on FOX 3 Results: 10 Memorable Moments from Diaz vs. Miller

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    On Saturday, the UFC returned to network television for UFC on FOX 3, which turned out to be a very exciting event from top to bottom.

    The event's main card saw lightweight Nate Diaz and welterweight Johny Hendricks separate themselves as top contenders in their respective divisions, while the preliminary card was full of exciting submissions and come-from-behind victories.

    With the UFC still in the first year of its partnership with FOX, every moment of these network-televised events will be remembered long into the future. Let's take a look at 10 of the moments that will be most remembered from UFC on FOX 3. 

Vemola Scores Come-from-Behind Win over Massenzio

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    Three fights after making his UFC debut at heavyweight, Karlos Vemola had already dropped down to the middleweight division for a bout against Mike Massenzio.

    After losing the first round of his fight against Massenzio, Vemola came out much more aggressive in the second frame, landing an overhand right and quickly taking the fight to the ground. Once he had Massenzio on the canvas, Vemola began landing heavy ground-and-pound before locking up a rear-naked choke for the victory.

    Vemola may still have some work to do before he can be considered a legitimate contender, but the former heavyweight certainly has a huge advantage over many 185-pound fighters with his size.  

Delorme Finishes Back-and-Forth Round with Submission

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    Though they are both far from the top of their division, Roland Delorme and Nick Denis put on one of the best shows of the night at UFC on FOX 3. 

    After getting rocked by a straight right hand from Denis, Delorme smartly pulled guard and recovered. Once he worked his way back to his feet, Delorme turned the tables by staggering Denis with a left hook.

    Then, with time left in the first round ticking down, Delorme rushed forward with hooks and took the fight to the ground. From there, Delorme quickly locked up a rear-naked choke on his still-dazed opponent and finished the fight with one second left in the frame. 

Bermudez Makes Big Statement Against Garza

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    Following his loss to Diego Brandao in a fight to determine The Ultimate Fighter winner, Dennis Bermudez was matched up against a tough opponent in Pablo Garza.

    In a dominant performance, Bermudez expertly avoided submissions and beat Garza up on the ground. With the win over a dangerous veteran like Garza, the 25-year-old Bermudez showed that he could be a force in the featherweight division for a long time.

Gaudinot Puts Lineker to Sleep

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    After both fighters spent nearly two rounds standing toe-to-toe and swinging for the knockout, Louis Gaudinot was able to take John Lineker to the ground and lock up a guillotine choke.

    Despite standing and slamming Gaudinot to the canvas, Lineker was unable to avoid the submission and passed out before he could tap.

    By bouncing back from his loss to Johnny Bedford, Gaudinot showed that his true home is the 125-pound division, where he is not at a size disadvantage against the majority of his opponents.

Dodson and Elliott Represent Flyweight Division

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    Shortly after flyweights Gaudinot and Lineker put on a show, John Dodson and Tim Elliott represented the 125-pound division well in three rounds of stand-up action.

    Despite throwing spinning heel kicks and cartwheel kicks at Dodson, Elliott couldn't make up for the discrepancy in quickness between him and his Greg Jackson-trained opponent.

    Dodson fought through an injured hand to remain undefeated inside the Octagon. In the process, "The Magician" separated himself as one of the best fighters in a developing division. 

Johnson's Left Hand Leads Him to Win over Ferguson

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    The 25-year-old Michael Johnson has continued to improve with each appearance inside the Octagon, but he has never looked better than he did against The Ultimate Fighter winner Tony Ferguson.

    Though Ferguson was considered by many to be the better striking heading into this matchup, it was the straight left hand of Johnson that landed the most in this matchup.

    By handing Ferguson his first UFC loss, The Ultimate Fighter runner-up Johnson showed that his season of the reality series may have possessed stiffer competition than Ferguson's.

Johnson Avoids Barry Submission, Gets Knockout Win

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    Prior to UFC on FOX 3, Pat Barry joked about his lack of submission ability. However, in the opening round of his fight against Lavar Johnson on Saturday, the former kickboxer scored a takedown and nearly locked up an Americana.

    Nonetheless, Johnson was able to work his way back to his feet and take advantage of a tired Barry. The larger Johnson pressed Barry to the fence and began firing away with uppercuts, eventually sending Barry crumpling to the canvas with a left hook.

    Though he isn't the most technical striker, Johnson has shown incredible power in his two UFC appearances, as he also knocked out Joey Beltran in his Octagon debut. 

Belcher Beats Palhares on the Ground

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    Going to the ground with Rousimar Palhares is often a good way for a fighter to suffer a career-threatening knee injury. However, Alan Belcher showed that he is also a world-class grappler by avoiding Palhares' leg locks and finishing the fight with punches on the ground.

    At one point in the fight, Belcher even threatened to submit his Brazilian opponent with a twister. When Palhares escaped and regained full-guard, many expected Belcher to back out and let Palhares stand, but the 28-year-old instead remained on top and landed multiple elbows that led to a stoppage win.

    With the victory, Belcher took a big step toward competing for the middleweight title. While he still probably needs another win or two before getting a title shot, Belcher showed he is one of the more well-rounded fighters in the 185-pound division at UFC on FOX 3. 

Hendricks Takes Close Decision Against Koscheck

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    Battling a case of mononucleosis heading into his co-main event matchup with Josh Koscheck, Johny Hendricks also overcame adversity inside the cage by winning a narrow decision over a former top welterweight contender.

    While it wasn't without controversy, as many pundits scored the bout in Koscheck's favor, Hendricks' victory may have put him in position for a shot at the welterweight belt. Considering the styles of champion Georges St-Pierre and interim champion Carlos Condit, Hendricks' background as a two-time NCAA champion wrestler makes him a serious threat to wear the belt in the near future.

Diaz Becomes First to Stop Miller

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    A jiu-jitsu black belt with a solid chin, Jim Miller had never lost by any result other than decision heading into UFC on FOX 3. However, on Saturday, Nate Diaz became the first to stop Miller, and with relative ease.

    Diaz's unorthodox boxing made the difference with both fighters standing, as Miller was forced to shoot in for a takedown in the second round, which allowed Diaz to lock up a guillotine choke and force his opponent to tap.

    With the win, Diaz has become the lightweight division's top contender behind Frankie Edgar. Though he will have to be on the shelf for an extended period of time, Diaz has opted to wait for the winner of a fight between Edgar and champion Benson Henderson.