How Tom Brady Can Make the Minnesota Vikings Season One to Remember

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst IJanuary 28, 2009

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Tom Brady, can help the Minnesota Vikings win a Super Bowl title.

A doctor of Tom's has announced to the press, that the former sixth round pick from Michigan, will be ready to go by the season opener. As most of you know, he suffered an ACL tear in the first quarter of week one, against the Kansas City Chiefs. The season for the Patriots had come to an abrupt and unexpected end.

Many thought without Brady that the Patriots wouldn't even make the playoffs. Obviously, New England did not. With Matt Cassel at the helm, the Pats finished 11-5 and failed to make the playoffs. There were doubters from the moment he stepped in to play. Not until his two 400 yard passing games in a row, was Matt Cassel respected.

So, you're wondering—Who the heck is Matt Cassel? Let me tell you exactly who he is.

Matt Cassel is a 26 year old, former seventh round pick from the University of Southern California. Hardly anybody knew who he was. In his four years at USC, he was a back-up to Carson Palmer (Cincinnati Bengals) and Matt Leinart (Arizona Cardinals). Today, Matt might in fact be the best of the bunch.

In his first season starting, Matt Cassel appeared in all 16 games, starting in 15.
His 23 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards passing, almost got him into the pro bowl.

A lot of Patriots fans believe Cassel will stay with the Patriots during the 2009 season. There has been speculation that he will be franchised and kept on the squad, if Tom Brady can't play. I've already written an article stating why Minnesota can get him. About half of the people agreed with me and the other half did not.

There is no sense in New England keeping him on the roster. They will have a combined 29 million dollars in Quarterbacks alone, if they are kept on the roster. Minnesota would be the perfect fit for somebody like him. The Vikings have a stud running back, a solid number one receiver, and a good offensive line. What is missing from that? It's simply this—a good Quarterback.

Since Matt is a free-agent, Minnesota can sign him without having to trade for him. They fill the need for Quarterback and focus on getting another top notch wide receiver and a true number one right tackle.

What do you guys think? If you don't think he should be a Viking, say so and state why. If you think Minnesota should take a run at him, give me a few reasons why they should. Commence the discussion.


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