Chris Benoit...Essentially Erased from Wrestling History, Even the Commercials

DozerCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

We're not stupid. We all know about the Benoit tragedy that happened little over 18 months ago. WWE wrestler and (in many people's opinion) future WWE Hall of Famer killed his wife Nancy Benoit (known to wrestling fans as Woman from the original ECW), his son Daniel before hanging himself in June of 2007 (on an unrelated note, this happened two days before my birthday).

Benoit had just been drafted to ECW and was scheduled to challenge CM Punk for the vacated ECW Championship at Vengace: Night of Champions that night. Benoit was a noshow for the PPV, in fact I think that he hadn't shown up to work for a couple days, citing a family emergency.

The following night on RAW, Vince McMahon stood in the middle of an empty arena. Monday Night RAW had been cancelled in light of the fact that (what was presumed at that point) Chris Benoit and his family had all been murdered. The whole two-hour segment was devoted to Chris Benoit, a tribute to a great wrestler for many years.

The following night on ECW, they briefly mentioned the tragedy, saying that Benoit would be missed. After that, you never heard Chris Benoit's name again on/in any kind of publication that is related to/associated with the WWE.

They essentially wiped their hands clean of any memory of Chris Benoit. Granted his name is still on wwe.com when you look under Title History. Unlike most of the wrestlers however, his name appears in black instead of blue. You cannot click on his name to get more information about him.

I've known that for a while and while I do not under any circumstances condone what Benoit did, I don't think that they should essentially erase him from wrestling history. The man was an outstanding wrestler.

Granted, I just did a little research and they actually talk about Chris Benoit if you look under Royal Rumble History and click on 2004. He's not completely erased, but for the most part...the WWE appears to have tried to forget about Chris Benoit.

That became even more apparant during tonight's commercial of WrestleMania 21. More specifically, the Money In The Bank (MITB) Ladder Match. The participants in the first ever MTTB match were: Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Christian, Kane, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. During the commercial, Benoit's face wasn't shown once. There was one clip that was focused on Edge, and you could see Benoit laying on his side on the mat with his back facing the camera.

The WWE has gone to quite extensive lengths to avoid talking about Benoit, even editing a commercial of a very hectic match, just so they didn't show Benoit (or at least his face). Now we can go back and forth all day about this, but I've got a bigger question to ask. What is that question you ask? Check out my poll.


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