Step Away From The Andy Murray Kool-Aid; Picking a Winner In Roddick-Djokovic

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

Put away the Kool-Aid and keep it deep in the fridge.

Andy Murray lost last night after losing a five setter to Fernando Verdasco. Murray played with inconsistency and at times didn't go for the big shot. Fernando on the other hand played with inconsistency but modeled my favorite tennis mantra, "Hit big or go home."  

Fernando the lefty kicked his serves out wide and served consistently in the 130 MPH range deep into the fifth set. He served big and hit his forehand consistently enough to take this match. 

Murray let his emotions get the better of him late in the set. After those fantastic ESPN announcers seemed to always say that that was behind Murray; that he's a smarter player now. Guess Not. Murray isn't making it a Big Four just yet.

To me it's still Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. Murray isn't cutting it just yet.

Now on to players still in the tournament. Tonight the big match is Andy Roddick whose been tearing up his easy end of the draw to get to Novak Djokovic. Andy's been hitting his serve for more accuracy and he's been playing big.  Unfortunately, this is where Roddick is reaches the choking zone.

Novak has gotten over the early match jitters with his new racket.  He's adjusted to the frame and seems to be shanking less shots. The Joker has hit his stride and it's his tournament to lose. 

Andy Roddick is down all-time against Djokovic two to one. Including when Djokovic beat him at last year's US Open. Expect it to go to three to one. Novak rolls and rolls easily in straight sets. You don't ever pick against the defending champion. Especially against a man who seems to shrink ever since the Big Three showed up. 

So remember, it's still a Big Three so don't get swept up in the Murray Kool-Aid Express until he wins a major. Then Roddick goes home with him as Novak pursues two straight Australian Open titles.