Golden State Warriors: Charles Jenkins Is Golden for the Warriors

Yama Hazheer@Yama_HazheerCorrespondent IIApril 21, 2012

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Entering the NBA is already difficult, however, there is one thing that can make it even harder when you do get into the league: being selected in the second round. You play with some sort of a chip on your shoulder, proving you're worth it and being in the Association.

Golden State Warriors guard Charles Jenkins stands 6'3" on an NBA court, somewhere he belongs.
Attending school for a full four years is rare for many players in the modern day era of the NBA, but Jenkins did just that for Hofstra. In doing so, he is now the leading scorer in the school's history.

Jenkins is actually second in the whole Colonial Athletic Association in scoring behind a Hall of Famer by the name of David Robinson.

After an impressive four years at Hofstra, Jenkins was selected as the 44th pick in the 2011 NBA draft. The Warriors needed a solid point guard to back up Stephen Curry on the roster.

Jenkins hoped to learn from the older, more experienced players on the Warriors squad when he was drafted.

"I expected to come in and learn from a lot of the veterans. It's always different when you come into a new situation as far as basketball. I was expecting to come in and work hard and learn as much as I can and carry it onto the court," Jenkins said.

With Monta Ellis on the team for most of the season, it was hard for Jenkins to get the minutes he needed on the court to showcase his talents. Once the Ellis trade went down, however, Jenkins' minutes and production increased on the court.

He posted a career-high 27 points to go along with his six assists shortly after the Ellis and Andrew Bogut swap. A few games after that, Jenkins reached a career-high in 12 assists. He can even be argued as the best playmaker on the team.

Jenkins shoots a good 45 percent from the field, which can be tough to do not only for a guard, but for a rookie. At times, a fan can forget Jenkins is a rookie with the high-level basketball IQ he plays with.

As Jenkins listed his favorite parts of playing in the NBA, competition was the definite answer on his list.

"The competition. Everyone can play, everybody works hard. You're playing against guys that are labeled as some of the best guys in the world," Jenkins explained.

Whether it's on a court during a game or even in practice, Jenkins loves to work hard and compete; sometimes even being the last guy to leave the floor during practice or warmups.

With Curry being healthy next year, Jenkins will play a crucial role for the Warriors and be someone that they have not had for a while: a reliable backup point guard.

Jenkins brings energy into the game when he comes off the bench. Being a rookie though, he has room to improve and become better with a full season next year. He has expectations this summer and will continue to work hard and be what the Warriors need.

"Just to continue to get better and take this year as a learning process. Going into summer, knowing what I gotta get better at and watch a lot of film just to prepare myself for when the next season comes," Jenkins said.

Playing in an area where Warrior fans are very passionate, a lot can be expected out of Jenkins when the team is at full strength next year. He will be a sophomore and still young in the league.

"I won't be labeled as a rookie anymore and more of a guy that goes into games knowing what to expect, and being ready to play."

In a tough season for the Warriors, there has been minor bright spots. Being the humble point guard out of Hofstra, Jenkins has been one of them.

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