Funniest 'Photobombs' in Sports

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIApril 26, 2012

Funniest 'Photobombs' in Sports

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    Ever wonder why people etch their names on park benches, scrawl them on toilet-stall dividers or spray paint them on highway overpasses? What is that about, really? Is it some sort of claim to ownership? Artistic expression?

    Well, many would argue it's a way of fighting off mortality. That bench, that toilet stall and that overpass will be there for generations to come. We, sadly, won't. So we live on through our tagging.

    But hey, this is the 21st century. Spray paint and magic markers? Pshaw! Tagging has gone digital. Want to live forever? Then make your mark in photos and videos.

    Throw some pro athletes into the tagging formula and immortality is guaranteed. People will be viewing these pics in cyberspace for eons—especially if they are funny.

    So click on to see 20 of the most hilarious, most truly immortal "photobombs" in sports.

Honorable Mention: A.J. Price Hits Tyler Hansbrough with a Sidewinder

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    March 29, 2012. Pacers vs. Wizards. Tyler sat on the bench concentrating on the game, unaware that the camera was on him. 

    A.J. was all too aware, though. And he decided to use the opportunity to immortalize, love for Tyler's ear?

Shaun White Bombs Bombshell

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    Hey, if you are going to leave an indelible mark that millions will view for decades to come, do it with a hot blonde.

    That Shaun character is smarter than he looks.

Lebron James Torpedoes Dwayne Wade

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    If there is someone whose grasp on immortality is solid, it's LeBron James. But he knows you can never have enough.

    This creepy bombardment took place March 1, 2012, after the Heat routed the Trail Blazers.

    (All work and no play makes LBJ a dull boy. Mmwah ha ha ha.)

Didier Drogba Drops in on Jose Bosingwa

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    Official team photos are like historical documents—people will never stop referencing them, whether it be for research or out of nostalgia. 

    For that reason, Didier's photobomb is an act of genius. Not only has he doubled his appearance count, but the comedic effect he produced guarantees more web hits. 

Patrick Young Bombed Mid-Dunk

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    Hey, if you're going to tag a picture of yourself so that you live on in cyberspace forever, then make darn sure folks can see your face.

    This guy knew what he was doing.

Luge Missile No. 1

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    Here, luge competitor Kristan Bromley just can't help listening to the band.

Carlos Tevez Nukes Mario Balotelli and Sergio Aguero

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    Photoshop out that bit of Tevez's neck and chest, and it will look like Mario Balotelli has a new head growing out of his left shoulder.

    This Manchester City photobombing took place in September of 2011.

Luge Missile No. 2

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    Beatrice: Hey Maude, let me get a picture of you taking a picture of Hildegard in front of the luge run.

    Maude: Oh, won't that be clever! Hildegard, why don't you stand over there and pretend like you're looking up the track.

    Fwoooooooooosh! Click! Click!

    If the timing worked out, this USA luge competitor bombed Maude's photo, too. 

The Cigar Guy Bomb

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    You know him, you love him, you had weird nightmares about him...the cigar guy. He came into our lives with this unintentional October 2010 photobomb.

    (If this is the first you are seeing/hearing about this, I'll let you find him in the photo yourself. Break out those Where's Waldo skills and you'll do fine.) 

    With this picture, not only did cigar guy (a.k.a. Rupesh Shingadia) buy himself some major online real estate, but several marriage proposals as well.

Aaron Rodgers: Serial Photobomber

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    The NFL's A-Rod may have a Super Bowl ring to immortalize him, but he is topping things off with a fusillade of photobombings.

    So many, in fact, that a whole website has been created to showcase them.

The Rock Bombs Two Gals

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    Couple a new generation growing up not knowing The Rock as a great wrestler with a handful of forgettable Hollywood stinkers, like Tooth Fairy and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and you've got a recipe for short-lived-ness. It's probably a good idea for D.J. to bomb his way into as many photo albums as possible.  

Bubba Watson Bombs CNBC Anchors...on Live TV

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    Just having the moniker "Bubba" buys you some freedom to do whatever you want. The whole pro golf thing helps, too.

    But this, Bubba, this is what you'll be remembered for. Nicely done.

Ryan Kes"lurking"

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    When asked why he photobombs, Kesler replied:

    "It's just something fun to keep it loose…Sometimes things get a little too tense and you have to realize that we're all playing a game we love so let's have fun doing it." 

    Is that so, Ryan? You do this for fun and not for the attention?

    Then why'd you get so upset when...(click on)

Nick Mangold Shells Teammates

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    ...Nick Mangold took part in the hilarity.

    Can't football players blow off some steam, too, Ryan?

    Guess not. Check out his angry tweet and Mangold's retort.

    Photobomb feud!

Rory McIlroy Strafed by Red-Headed Goofball

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    Someday in the distant future, an advanced civilization will come across this footage and marvel at those eyebrow acrobatics.

Tyson's Stealth Bomb

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    Full disclosure:

    I couldn't track this picture to a reliable source. The white wall in the background, the placement of Iron Mike right in the hairlines (an easy spot to Photoshop) leads me to believe this is a fake.

    But lucky for Mike, the picture is all over the Net, so real or not, it still gives him a long draught from the goblet of notoriety.

Steven Seagal Nukes UFC 129 Weigh-in

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    Hi, I'm Steve. I was awesome for about 15 minutes in the early '90s. 

    Mind if I just sneak into the photo here? It's for the grandkids.

Fat Boy Bombs Tiger

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    What a hero! Risking a driver to the skull if he didn't time this right, Ben Turner joins the immortals.

Creepy Cricket Fan Bombs Front and Center

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    Generally, we think of photobombing as a quick jump into the frame. But this cricket fan milks his explosion for as long as he can, and seems to take no joy in it whatsoever.

    Did he make his mark? Will his countenance endure?  It will, thanks to Youtube.

Clippers Bomb from Above

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    It's likely that basketball players want to be thought of as heroic, powerful and cool. They'd like their defining image to be of themselves dunking or blocking, leaping or stealing.

    And not fast asleep, mouth wide open, stream of drool running down their cheek.

    For Los Angeles Clippers, this is not easily achieved, thanks to DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler's little game of “Got ‘Em.”

The 'V' Bomb

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    If you are going to leave your signature in cyberspace, dress appropriately.