English Premier League Form Table: Ranking All 20 Teams

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterApril 16, 2012

English Premier League Form Table: Ranking All 20 Teams

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    Look away now if you support Tottenham Hotspur or Liverpool.

    Ready? OK, today we're ranking all 20 English Premier League teams based on their recent form.

    What does "recent form" mean? It means their results and goals over the last eight matches, including Monday's match between Arsenal and Wigan.

    Current league position makes no difference, though we have listed where each team currently sits.

    W=home win

    w=away win

    L=home loss

    l=away loss

    D=home draw

    d=away draw

    The league table can be viewed here.

    Got it? Let's get started.

20. Wolverhampton Wanderers

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    Form: dLlLlLLl

    Points: 1

    Goal Differential: -18

    League Position: 20

    Yes, that's one draw and seven losses. This team is way past done. How did they ever draw one? It's a miracle.

19. Tottenham Hotspur

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    Form: LdWdDlLl

    Points: 6

    Goal Differential: -5

    League Position: 4

    Six points from eight matches is a great way to lose a Champions League qualifying spot. Spurs must right the ship soon.

18. Aston Villa

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    Form: lDdLlWdd

    Points: 7

    Goal Differential: -8

    League Position: 15

    Would relegation benefit Aston Villa? It's not out of the question, according to the Guardian.

17. Blackburn Rovers

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    Form: lLlLlWwD

    Points: 7

    Goal Differential: -6

    League Position: 19

    Rovers are three points adrift of safety with only four matches left: Norwich at home, Spurs away, Wigan at home and Chelsea away. It's not looking good.

16. Liverpool

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    Form: wDlLlWlL

    Points: 7

    Goal Differential: -2

    League Position: 8

    Seven points from eight matches. All that money spent. Changes are coming.

15. Norwich City

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    Form: LwDlWlDl

    Points: 8

    Goal Differential: -6

    League Position: 11

    In fairness, most of that negative goal differential came from Saturday's 6-1 loss to Manchester City.

14. Bolton Wanderers

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    Form: lLwWWllL

    Points: 9

    Goal Differential: -8

    League Position: 18

    Bolton actually won three straight recently, but they're still in the relegation zone—and time is running out.

13. West Bromwich Albion

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    Form: WlWlLdlW

    Points: 10

    Goal Differential: -5

    League Position: 13

    If only the Baggies could play every match at home.

12. Sunderland

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    Form: DlDdWlWd

    Points: 10

    Goal Differential: -3

    League Position: 9

    Sunderland just can't stop drawing matches. Heck, they even drew with Wolves, and that takes talent right now.

11. Queens Park Rangers

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    Form: lWlWlWlD

    Points: 10

    Goal Differential: -1

    League Position: 16

    QPR probably also wish they could play all their matches at home. A recent run of good form at Loftus Road—including an upset win over Arsenal—has seen Rangers escape the drop zone. For now.

10. Swansea City

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    Form: WlLlLwWw

    Points: 12

    Goal Differential: 0

    League Position: 12

    Gylfi Sigurdsson is my new favorite player. Swansea will face a fight to keep the Icelandic Instigator this summer. (That's my nickname for him. It needs work. Ideas?)

9. Stoke City

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    Form: dWlDdlWW

    Points: 12

    Goal Differential: 1

    League Position: 14

    I don't have anything to say about this team. At all.

8. Fulham

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    Form: DwWlLlWw

    Points: 13

    Goal Differential: 5

    League Position: 10

    Please, Arsene, sign Clint Dempsey this summer.

7. Wigan Athletic

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    Form: wWlWwDdL

    Points: 14

    Goal Differential: 2

    League Position: 16

    Props to Wigan. Few teams claim victories over both Manchester United and Arsenal in one season. Wigan did it in consecutive games. Well done.

6. Everton

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    Form: WdWwLlWd

    Points: 14

    Goal Differential: 5

    League Position: 7

    Everton are above Liverpool in the table, but the FA Cup was a different story. Think the Toffees would trade places with their rivals?

5. Chelsea

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    Form: dWwDlWlW

    Points: 14

    Goal Differential: 5

    League Position: 6

    Chelsea weren't four goals better than Tottenham on Sunday (though the scoreline said so). But who would argue against the Blues overtaking Spurs over both teams' final five matches?

4. Manchester City

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    Form: wWlDdWlW

    Points: 14

    Goal Differential: 10

    League Position: 2

    That little blip in form—seven points worse than United over the last eight matches—may have cost City the title.

3. Newcastle United

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    Form: WwWwWlDD

    Points: 17

    Goal Differential: 8

    League Position: 5

    Newcastle have won five straight since that last-gasp loss to Arsenal in March. Now the Magpies are dark-horse candidates for fourth place and the Champions League qualifiers. I'm rooting for them.

2. Arsenal

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    Form: LwWlWwWw

    Points: 18

    Goal Differential: 11

    League Position: 3

    Arsenal had a great chance to all but seal up third place Monday night. They wasted it, and now we might see a real fight for the Premier League's final two Champions League places.

1. Manchester United

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    Form: WlWwWwWw

    Points: 21

    Goal Differential: 17

    League Position: 1

    That shocking away loss to Wigan was United's only blip over the last eight matches. The fine run may have won the Reds yet another title.


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