TNA Lockdown 2012 Preview & Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 14, 2012

TNA Lockdown 2012 Preview & Predictions

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    This Sunday, TNA Wrestling and Direct Auto Insurance present an all cage-classic—Lockdown—live on pay-per-view! 

    Lockdown will be live from Nashville, Tenn. and headlined by a World Heavyweight Championship match between two former friends and partners, James Storm and Bobby Roode.

    There are eight matches scheduled for the event, four of which are championship matches. The World Heavyweight, Television, Tag Team and Knockouts Championships will be on the line.

    Tune in to see TNA stars such as James Storm, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Velvet Sky, Matt Morgan, Robbie E and much more!

TV Title: Robbie E vs. Devon

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    Why hasn’t this match been hyped on IMPACT?

    Robbie E is easily one of the greatest Television Champions of all time and Devon is, well, just getting started. The more Robbie E on TV, the better.

    I like the idea of Devon being TV champion, but he needs to appear on TV first.

    Robbie E, hate him or not, at least defended the belt on TV from time to time, against the likes of Shannon Moore, RVD and AJ Styles.

    As much as I’d love to see Robbie retain the belt he never should've lost, I can’t see it. Much of Robbie’s successful defenses when he was champ came with a big assist from Rob Terry.

    They’re in a cage. No Rob Terry, no help for Robbie, no TV title. And now I’m sad.

    Winner: Devon

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

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    I’m unsure of this one.

    On IMPACT, when Hulk Hogan booked the match, he said it’d be the last thing between the two.

    Could Hogan have meant Lockdown will be where their feud ends? Then again, Hogan called Garett Bischoff the future of TNA.

    I’m hoping Crimson somehow wins and keeps his undefeated streak. Go ahead, Crimson. This is the one time I’ll allow some cheating and dirty tactics. Keep this feud alive.

    The feud hasn’t really had much hype to it recently, so I think there could be a chance of this being used as a stepping stone to elevate it. Whoever loses is sure to be p---ed off and want revenge.

    Crimson wins? He’ll probably cheat, which’ll piss off “The Blueprint” and lead to a rematch. 

    Morgan wins? He just ended Crimson’s 16-month undefeated streak. I wouldn’t imagine Crimson to roll over after losing his beloved undefeated streak.

    Winner: Matt Morgan

Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

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    Taking the title off Velvet Sky was a mistake in the first place. She won it at Bound For Glory only to lose it the following pay-per-view, Turning Point.

    What the heck?

    I’ve said it a thousand times before; Gail Kim’s reign is boring.

    She did nothing but return to TNA and was given the Knockouts title as a gift. Velvet Sky worked her whole career only to hold the title for, what, three weeks?

    We’ve seen Sky pin Kim on IMPACT and within a steel cage, I wouldn’t imagine any way for Gail to cheat or run and hide.

    Sky’s got Kim right where she wants her and I expect to see a new champion.

    Winner: Velvet Sky

Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

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    This match hasn’t had too much hype and should definitely extend past Lockdown and possibly through the summer.

    Since Beer Money split and MCMG was out on injuries, TNA’s tag division was unbelievably weak. So weak that they gave that guy Anarquia the title for a while.

    Just for the sake of a feud continuing, I think Joe and Magnus will retain. It’s just too soon for the Guns to win the belts.

    Winners: Samoa Joe & Magnus

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

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    I think Jeff Hardy is going to win this one. It should be a great match and I’m thinking we’ll see one of these guys take a dive off the cage.

    This match could be a co-main event to Bobby Roode-James Storm. It has so much potential with these two former world champions. It could steal the show. We’ve seen Kurt Angle steal the show in 2010 and 2011 against Mr. Anderson and Jeff Jarrett.

    However, Hardy will win for two reasons:

    1.) This feud is burning out. It’s been going on since pre-Victory Road and there isn’t much left to it. They’re running out of reasons as to why Angle hates Hardy.

    2.) Angle is injured. If you follow Angle on Twitter, he says some weird stuff. More importantly, he said that he dropped out of the Olympic Trials, or whatever it was he was trying for. He suffered an injury after all this training and may need some time off.

    I expect Hardy to defeat Angle and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Angle vanished from IMPACT for some time again.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

Lethal Lockdown: Team Eric vs. Team Garett

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    This should be fairly easy.

    Garett Bischoff has three former World Heavyweight Champions and the current X Division Champion. The longest-reigning X Division Champion, just saying.

    Eric Bischoff stupidly joined his own team. The guy is not even a wrestler, so that won’t help his odds of winning. He also picked up Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Both have been sitting around since losing to Styles and Anderson at Victory Road.

    The stipulation is kind of the “throwaway” for this match. Whichever Bischoff loses is gone from TNA.

    Garett just started in TNA and is an actual wrestler with more to offer than his dad. Sorry, Eric, but you’re as good as gone.

    Winners: Team Garett

World Title: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

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    All signs are pointing towards James Storm in this one. Everything has been in his favor over the past few months. It should be fairly obvious that he’ll win.

    But the same was said for his former partner, Bobby Roode, at Bound For Glory. Nobody thought he’d lose.

    What happened? He lost.

    However, I don’t think TNA will make that mistake with Storm. Late last year, Hogan gave an interview stating his reasons why he thought Roode should lose. Upon Hogan’s favorites within TNA was Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

    Storm not only has Hogan’s backing, he’s in his hometown and has all the hype going into this one. It’s the perfect set-up for James Storm to win this Sunday.

    Winner: James Storm

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    There you have it. The full Lockdown card with my predictions.

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