Liverpool: 10 Reasons Liverpool Fans Can't Stand Everton

Peter Webster@@petercwebsterContributor IIIApril 2, 2012

Liverpool: 10 Reasons Liverpool Fans Can't Stand Everton

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    It's no secret that Liverpool and neighbours Everton are huge rivals, but why is that so?

    It's not as bad as the media sometimes suggests, with a lot of Liverpudlian households being colour-divided properties and making the Merseyside derby a family affair.

    It's common for some family members to go red, and others to go blue, and the two colours can often be seen mixing together on game day in a friendly atmosphere.

    Of course, there are always some that take the rivalry and banter too far, but that's a separate issue.

    There are reasons that exist for Liverpool supporters to dislike Everton, however, and here are some of the main ones that come to mind.

They Argue That Liverpool Are Squatters

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    Everton were technically the first team to play their home games at Anfield, having played at the stadium between 1884 to 1892.

    When Liverpool formed in 1892, Everton opted to move to Goodison Park and the rest is history.

    Unfortunately for the red half of Merseyside, Everton fans occasionally throw that in their face by calling them squatters.

Louis Saha

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    One thing guaranteed to rile a Liverpool supporter is the presence of a former Manchester United player in their stadium.

    Liverpool despise players from Manchester more than players from Everton, but a combination of the two is sacrilegious to the turf of Anfield.

    Louis Saha moved from Manchester United to Everton and played in a few Merseyside derbies before moving to Spurs.

    Everton signing Alex Ferguson's rejects just shouldn't be done.

Tim Howard

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    Tim Howard is another example of the Everton-Manchester United link.

    Howard still keeps goal for the Toffees, which makes it extremely difficult for Liverpool fans to watch the current Everton side attempt to play football.

Phil Neville

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    As if to prove my point even further, Everton also enlist the services of Phil Neville.

    Perhaps the only former Manchester United player more annoying than Phil Neville is his brother, Gary.

    Phil Neville is also the captain of Everton, affording him extra abuse come derby day.

Local Neighbours

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    Part of the Liverpool and Everton rivalry is down to the fact that the two clubs are so close together logistically.

    The distance between the two grounds is just a trip across Stanley Park—a mere 0.59 miles.

Wayne Rooney

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    Manchester United's star player, Wayne Rooney, is a former Everton player and supporter.

    Everton are to blame for giving Rooney his breakthrough in Premier League football, and thus, they should naturally expect abuse for it.

    It's just all part of the banter.

Marouane Fellaini's Hair

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    Just look at it.

    There is no place for that kind of haircut on a football field, and it serves as instant annoyance when Fellaini wins a header because of his extra large afro.

    Surely, there is something in the rules that declares you can't gain a height advantage if you have boots that have been built up, springs in the heels of your boots or hair that extends beyond the reach of the opposing goalkeeper.

    Just shave it off and stop cheating, Maruane.

League Position

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    Everybody who knows about football understands that Liverpool are currently a much better side than Everton; however, the blue half of Merseyside are currently revelling in the fact that they sit above Liverpool in the league table by one point with just seven matches to go.

    Liverpool fans will be hoping it doesn't stay that way, and that they can exact some measure of punishment if they beat them in the FA Cup semifinal.

Annoying Music

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    Liverpool fans start their home matches singing to the rousing music of "You'll Never Walk Alone," yet they have to suffer the annoying tune of Z Cars whenever they visit Goodison Park.

    They just don't compare.

Merseyside Derbies Derail the Season

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    Mersyside derbies—as great a spectacle as they are—can seriously derail a season.

    The Merseyside derby sees more red cards than any other Premier League game, and apparent form goes out the window.

    Suffering bans, injuries and defeats can really put a dent in player confidence and that winning habit Liverpool used to consistently feel.

    Mersyside derbies always seem to come at a bad time for the reds, and clearly that is all Everton's fault.


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    Naturally, some of those slides were written tongue in cheek, because I don't think the bad blood between Liverpool and Everton exists like it does between Liverpool and Manchester United.

    I'm quite confident that if Everton and United were facing off in a cup final, then the whole of Merseyside would be rooting for the blues.

    Everton and Liverpool are great rivals, but there is also a lot of respect between the two clubs. Sure, some people would say they hated the Toffees, but Merseyside often finds reason to unite.

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