IMPACT Wrestling Quick Thoughts for March 29, 2012: Austin Aries Main Events?

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2012


That's as good of an intro as you'll get this week. I'm joking! Here's some classic music for you to enjoy while reading my Quick Thoughts from the March 29th edition of IMPACT.

Okay, now I'm done with my intro.


- World Champion, Bobby Roode came out with Orlando's finest because he knows TNA security is Orlando's worst. Seriously, those guys broke up their first fight last week. Crimson vs. Morgan was the first fight those security guards broke up in TNA's 10 years of history.

- Speaking of 5-0, TNA prospect Mikey Nicholls was one of the police officers. (His tag team partner Shane Haste was Bobby Roode's lawyer last week). As a team they're known as, "The Mighty Don't Kneel" or TMDK for short. They occasionally work in OVW and ROH. Look 'em up. They're a good team that TNA can use.

- The police were too intimidated by Bully Ray's calves to stop him from beating on James Storm. 

- After tweeting about not being friends after Victory Road, Gail Kim gives Madison a new tiara. Isn't that what true friendship is all about? 

- I firmly believe that Velvet Sky will defeat Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship at Lockdown. Yes, I said "firmly" and Velvet Sky in one sentence. Stop laughing, I'm serious.

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- I feel like Hulkamania was hitting on Dixie Carter a little bit during that video....

- Kurt Angle's list of, "Reasons to Hate Jeff Hardy" continues. Number 1,000: Jeff Hardy is a cry-baby.

- Did Angle just book a match between Hardy and Anderson? Since when did he become general manager? Why am I in favor of Angle as GM?

- How come Kid Kash, Zema Ion or Anthony Nese aren't as PO'd at Bully Ray? Nese did get a super atomic wedgie last week...

- Bully Ray and Austin Aries in a feud? This close to Lockdown? YES!

- My new Crimson t-shirt fits nicely, in case you're wondering. I'm hoping Morgan and Crimson do NOT face off one-on-one at Lockdown! Don't do it! Put these guys on opposing teams at Lethal Lockdown then have them one-on-one at Sacrifice.

- When will we hear any Lethal Lockdown news? Anyone who knows, don't spoil it by saying who's involved but spoil the episode of IMPACT when we finally get the news! I'm dying to know!

- Dammit, Joe. Nobody cares about your brother, Abyss! Joseph Parks, you should go out searching for "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero instead.

- Thank the Wrestling Gods for MCMG returning next week!

- Hardy vs. Anderson was pretty good to watch. Angle's involvement was expected. The Mic Check is also pretty cool.

- I like James Storm's theme song. That music video also made James Storm look more interesting than the most interesting man alive.

- Who will be Eric Young's best man? Orlando Jordan? If "Shark Boy" is the best man, this will be the best wedding ever! I WANT TO SEE SHARK BOY!

- The wedding between EY and ODB should be much bigger than that Canadian Royal Wedding or whatever it was...

- I'm not actually as annoyed by Garett Bischoff as I used to be. He's kind of grown on me. Point is, he's going to be sticking around in TNA so you have to get used to him sometime.

- RIP Beer Money

- Looks like Abs & Calves are somewhat friends again.

- Austin Aries really kicked ass in the main event (again)!

- The main event tag match was my favorite moment of the night.

- Disregard that previous comment about Abs & Calves. Bobby Roode is still selfish. He tossed Bully right into that Last Call.

-  Hulk Hogan is general manager. He doesn't bother me that much either. Hogan is staying, might as well get used to him.

- Good episode of IMPACT wrestling this week.

I gotta go for right now. See all of ya later and check B/R daily for my Top 10 Contenders.


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