Charles Barkley and 15 Athletes in Drag

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMarch 29, 2012

Charles Barkley and 15 Athletes in Drag

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    As competitive they are on the field, many athletes like to switch it up away from the glorious day job.

    And in changing the pace, we can sometimes spot these brilliant athletic talents walking several memorable steps in memorable, more feminine shoes.

    In dressing with a sense of effeminate determination, these sports stars often find themselves on the border of creative and humorous.

    But we have yet to lose our exuberant smiles as we wait for the next deafening masterpiece.

    We're set to check out the 15 best pictures of athletes in drag, cheerful smile and just-did nails intact.

    Now, to hone their seduction...

15. Clinton Portis

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    Certainly a strange, yet humorous running back, Clinton Portis has always been revered for his diverse wardrobe and his collection of artsy getups.

    While he seems most comfortable in his colorful cheongsam, Portis' creative nature has no limits.

14. Blake Griffin

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    He's often seen slamming balls into nets, but Blake Griffin seems ready to experiment with some new moves away from the court.

    With his best Molly Ringwald impression, the fluffy-haired baller is set to dominate a new field of play.

13. Rio Ferdinand

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    In a time when wives and girlfriends clog the tabloids and flood the soccer stands, footballer Rio Ferdinand evidently must do what he can to stay on the front pages.

    And while he calls himself a "free spirit," Ferdinand's off-field performances stretch far beyond the limits of curious.

12. Ricky Williams

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    Long before Ricky Williams became an eccentric nightmare for the Dolphins, he saw Mike Ditka trade all of the Saints' draft picks (in 1999) to get him, as scouts drooled over his immense potential.

    Sure, it was love at first sight, but seriously...c'mon man.

11. Oscar De La Hoya

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    Once you go fishnet, you never go back...just ask Oscar De La Hoya.

    And in case there was any confusion in identifying the culprit of these racy photos (seriously?), the retired boxer is here to blame it on the A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol

10. Colby Armstrong and Kris Versteeg

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    Certainly a unique rendition of White Chicks by Maple Leaf captain Colby Armstrong and Panthers winger Kris Versteeg (during his time in Toronto).

    All they're missing is a piano melody and the quiet uttering of "Making my way downtown..."

    Terry Crews can help us out.

9. Nicholas Mahut

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    It was the Hopman Cup he'll remember forever, a breathtakingly tight, constricting and bright presentation for Nicholas Mahut.

    The master of distraction.

8. Cam Newton

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    While we'd love to believe this was a memorable, embarrassing and ridiculous form of rookie hazing, Cam Newton's fairy-dust adventure occurred during his days at Auburn, with some humored teammates.

    He certainly sprinkled some magic on the gridiron during his first season.

7. Dennis Rodman

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    Feathers, tiger skin, a smokey atmosphere and blotchy picture defined a career better than Dennis Rodman's fashion show presentation on this day.

    Sure, he was a five-time champion and perhaps the best rebounding forward of all time, but Rodman is remembered most for his baffling endeavors, memorably-short relationships and innocent glares.

    Everything's always cool in Rodman's world.

6. Ian Kennedy

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    The Pinstripes must really miss Ian Kennedy, and not because he went 21-4 with a 2.88 ERA last year in Arizona.

    Pigtails, gracious smile and fluttering anxiety intact, he became easily the greatest Dorothy the world had ever seen.

5. Shaun White

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    There are those who believe frizzy snowboarder Shaun White is routinely bordering on drag-esque, but we've seen him at his most threatening...and now, so have you.

    Wendy's is teary-eyed, humbled and pleased to have such a breathtaking masterpiece.

4. Derek Jeter

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    Live from New York, it's uh...

    The effects Minka Kelly had on Derek Jeter clearly extended far beyond the bedroom.

3. Barry Bonds

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    Glistening smile, well-rounded hairdo and eager cameras waiting close by...yeah, Barry Bonds was essentially a WAG for the day.

    And he seemed happier than any other time during his tumultuous, yet glamorous career sending fly balls screaming over McCovey Cove.

2. Charles Barkley

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    If Weight Watchers is aiming towards the male demographic, this is quite the unique way to go about it.

    Sir Charles looks better alongside Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar than he does as a weight-loss champ. 

    Although his sculpted arms and intensely focused eyes persuade us to believe the fad.

1. Shaquille O'Neal

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    It's a sight that may tarnish an image, ruin a legacy and kill fan appreciation, but only off the court.

    Shaq has never been shy about tempting the fates and testing his audience.

    The nightmare has already started.