5 Biggest Misconceptions About MMA

Joe Chacon@JoeChaconContributor IIIApril 2, 2012

5 Biggest Misconceptions About MMA

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    We've all come across people who are appalled by the fact we enjoy watching mixed martial arts. These people more than likely have not given the sport a chance with an open mind.

    Instead, they rely on a promotional video featuring a gory battle and say the sport isn't for them.

    How about the naysayers who say MMA is nothing more than a form human cockfighting?

    There is a long list of misconceptions about MMA, here are the top five.

The Ground Game Is Boring

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    Boxing fans in particular dislike MMA because the fights go to the ground and there appears to be very little action.

    The key word there is "appears." If you are set in your ways of not enjoying a fight unless it stays on the feet, chances are you don't understand the strategic beauty of a good MMA  ground game.

    Personally, I cringe when the fight stays on the ground for a long period of time. It's not because I don't enjoy what I'm watching, I do. It's because I know that the longer the fight stays on the ground, the greater the chance I'm going to hear boos rain down from the stands.

    I would like to think that it is just the inexperienced fans who are booing, but I know you MMA vets are just as guilty. 

    A question I love to pose to fans of MMA is their preference of watching a flash KO that occurs within the first minute of the first round, or a strategically worked fight between two ground and submission experts. 

MMA Is Human Cockfighting

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    Obviously this notion that MMA is human cockfighting stems from putting two fighters in a locked cage for battle.

    The fact is, that most of the major MMA promotions use a cage. It is not to give off the impression that there is something illegal going on. The cage is the preferred medium over the ring because it is, quite simply, much more conducive to the sport.

    Even though the sport has made great progress in becoming sanctioned across the majority of states, people still have the misconception it is a form of illegal fighting.

The UFC Is a Monopoly

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    The UFC has become so popular that many people just refer to the entire sport of MMA as UFC.

    While it may seem like the UFC has a monopoly on the sport, it really doesn't. Not only are there other MMA promotions across the world, but they all have their own means of existence.

    Promotions such as Bellator and DREAM are not trying to overtake the UFC; at this stage of professional MMA it would be foolish to do so anyways.

    Bellator, for example, focuses on a tournament style of fighting. They have their own niche of an MMA format, and it has gained popularity over the last couple of years.

    The UFC is without question the most desirable MMA promotion in existence, but it is in no way a monopoly. With the right business plan and money to get things going, there are many opportunities for somebody to be successful in starting up a MMA brand. Here is a wide list.

MMA Is Too Dangerous

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    One of the biggest misconceptions about MMA is that it leads to serious injury and/or death more than any other sport.

    The statistics do not back up this claim.

    There have been two deaths linked to sanctioned MMA fights since 2001. In comparison, the sport of boxing has endured approximately 58 deaths during the same time frame.

    This isn't intended to be a MMA vs. boxing debate. There are plenty of other articles designed for that.

    This is, however, an eye-opening statistic for a society that by and large believes boxing is significantly safer than MMA.

Most MMA Fighters Use Steroids

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    It's hard to include this in the top five because I don't know for certain whether or not MMA fighters are getting away with using steroids.

    We hear about the people who have been caught, but never about the ones who are getting away with it. If it is true that fighters are randomly tested throughout the year, and we are only seeing a fighter every now and then get busted, that is a good sign for the sport.

    The UFC has a very strict drug-testing policy, but many of the other promotions mentioned earlier don't have the resources to conduct the same type of testing. This obviously could mean that MMA fighters are using steroids and other drugs to increase their shot of making it to the big time.

    It's important for me to formulate my opinion on the facts of the drug-testing policy, and the amount of failed drug tests. The truth is, there are not many failed tests at the UFC level, and that leads me to believe that most MMA fighters are not juicing up on steroids.

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