Attention Gang Green- Go Get Gruden!

Adam Fier@haveNOfierCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

With the news coming down of the Tampa Bay Bucs firing head coach John Gruden after seven seasons, which including winning Super Bowl XXXVII, I decided to write a letter to Jets owner Woody Johnson and the team's general manager, Mike "Mr. T." Tannenbaum urging them to bring Chuckie to New York.


Mr. Johnson, Mr. T,

Good evening gentleman.

I am writing to you, as a recovering Jets fan still reeling from the disappointing end to the 2008 campaign, with a simple request:

After what many of my fellow Jets' fans would agree was the necessary firing of Eric Mangini, an opportunity has fallen into your lap to fill our head coaching vacancy while appeasing both the priority to win of the fans, and the priority of yourself to both bring Brett Favre back and sell tickets and those dirty PSL's.

Forget Rex Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo.  They're promising young coordinators who are certainly worthy of your attention and a perhaps a chance to become an NFL head coach. 

However for a team that was unable to win behind a first time head coach, and a team consisting primarily of veteran players with a win-now mentality, the need right now is to bring in an established, experienced head coach who knows how to win.

John Gruden is your guy.

Gruden has been a successful NFL head coach for more than 10 years, including stints in Oakland and most recently Tampa Bay.

In Oakland, he guided the Raiders to the playoffs in the last two of his four years there, before bolting for the Buccaneer job after 2001.

His first season in Tampa ended with a victory in Super Bowl XXXVII over his former employer.

Gruden also has history with Favre, whom the both of you have made no secret you would welcome back for a second season as the Jets starting quarterback.

What a perfect situation you could create by giving Favre a coach he would enjoy playing for and a veteran quarterback Gruden not only has experience with (he worked in Green Bay as the receiver coach from 1992-1994), but prefers as evidenced by his success with veterans Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, and Jeff Garcia.

While Jets fans may not be wild about the idea of bringing back Favre, assuring them that it would be Gruden calling the shots should reassure them of the commitment to winning they may be unaware you actually possess.

Financially, there should be no issue as you were prepared to offer Bill Cower everything short of naming rights to the new stadium, so paying Gruden whatever he wants can't become an issue.

Gruden, while experienced, is still young.  At only 45 years old, he can relate to both the younger and older players on a team that was reportedly somewhat divided in the locker room under Mangini's regime.

For a team that lacked both an identity and toughness, Gruden can provide both.

The Jets would be receiving not only much needed credibility with Gruden, but would be adding a head coach who would seem to satisfy the needs of ownership, the players, and the fans.

He's won a championship, has a career record of 100-81 (including postseason), would give the Jets respect and toughness and would put fans in the seats while also giving Brett Favre more of a reason to return for one final season.

So, Mr. Johnson and Mr. T, I ask of you...rather I beg of you...give this franchise the head coach it needs to move forward in accomplishing the goal of finally getting back to the Super Bowl after what is now a drought of 40 years.

Thank you for your time and hopefully, your consideration.


Adam, a Jets fan who desperately wants to show his face in public once again


As a side note, I understand that most Jets fans want no part of Favre for another season, however to those of you who feel that way, tell me who the Jets could realistically acquire who would give the Jets a better chance of winning.

I'm not asking that to put you all down, but as an actual question because I can't come up with anybody.  Kellen Clemens isn't the answer, and before he hurt his shoulder, Favre did enough to win us eight of our first 11 games.

Just food for thought.

Lets hope management steps up and gives us a reason to hope again.

Gruden would be a pretty good start.


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