Brittney Griner Dunk Video: Watch Baylor Star's Two-Handed Jam vs. Georgia Tech

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIMarch 24, 2012

Baylor Lady Bears star Brittney Griner can throw down two-handed dunks in her sleep, so it shouldn't be surprising that she brought down the hammer on Georgia Tech.

Now, to be fair, I cannot confirm nor deny that Griner can actually dunk while sleeping, even though I'm sure it's possible. What I can confirm is the fact that Griner is easily the best women's basketball player in the nation, and I don't doubt that she could be one of the best in the world right now.

She's just good. Real good.

In this play, Griner got behind the defense on a fast-break opportunity and slammed it home to cap off a rout of the Yellow Jackets that ended with Baylor advancing to Elite Eight.

The dunk was phenomenal and definitely went a long way towards putting an exclamation point on the Lady Bears' night, but it wasn't the only impressive moment in Griner's night.

She finished the game with an incredible 35 points, which would be awesome on its own, but then add in the 10 rebounds and six blocks that came along with those points, and the dunk is almost an afterthought.

That being said, it's those two points that got everybody up on their feet for Griner and the Lady Bears.

She didn't just dunk the ball, she jammed it. Believe you me, there is quite a difference between the two terminologies.

A dunk is simply going up to the rim and pushing the ball through the hoop.

A slam is when you throw the ball down through the hoop and make sure that the rim knows you were there.

Griner delivered a jam of epic proportions, and I dare say it's worth another watch or two.


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