Ranking the 5 Best NFL Video Games of All-Time

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIMarch 7, 2012

Ranking the 5 Best NFL Video Games of All-Time

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    There have been many attempts at capturing the perfect NFL video game, and these are the best of the best when it comes to controlling NFL players with a controller.

    EA Sports' Madden NFL football games have taken the genre by storm, but has it produced the greatest football game to ever hit the market?

    With the latest version topping the last each and every year, it's realistic gameplay and features have given NFL fans exactly what they want, but does it outdo ESPN's classic NFL 2K5?

    These are the best NFL football games of all-time.

5. NFL Sports Talk Football Featuring Joe Montana

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    Joe Montana's Sports Talk Football was the first football game to add commentary to the gameplay, furthermore giving it a more realistic feel.

    The game was released in 1992, so obviously, the graphics weren't mind-boggling, but at the time, they weren't too shabby.

    The game was fun for those that liked to perfect their craft, and it was fun for those button-mashers out there that were too young (me) to have the slightest clue of what they were doing.

    With Montana's name attached to the game, the NFL did everything they could to make an awesome football game, and considering when this was released, they did just that.

4. Techmo Super Bowl

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    If you thought the graphics for NFL Sports Talk were bad, wait 'til you see Techmo Super Bowl's gameplay.

    The best part about this game has to be the epic music in the background that makes you feel like a ninja while you dive in and out of your cuts.

    I was a little too young to play this game, but judging by the rewards and accolades this game has received over the years, it's a classic.

    In 2011, ESPN named this it as the greatest sports video game of all-time, and in 2009, IGN named it as No. 53 on their Top 100 Greatest Nintendo Entertainment System Games.

    After reading so much about the game, I feel slighted that I wasn't old enough to play it.

3. NFL Blitz 2001

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    Rather than spending time doing homework throughout my childhood, my time was spent playing NFL Blitz on Nintendo 64.

    Though homework may have been more important, picking up football players and slamming them on the ground was far too appetizing to ignore.

    The game didn't have any rules, and cheap shots were encouraged. The game excelled almost in the same way Grand Theft Auto has.

    Think about it: Cheating and stealing cars is frowned upon in this establishment, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to do in a video game.

    Viewing note: When you watch this video, just mute the volume because this guy's monotone voice will make you want to pull your hair out.


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    While many will disagree with me here, I have to give Madden the nod over ESPN's NFL 2K5.

    NFL 2K5 was a step ahead of its time, but I'm just too much of a fan of the new Madden to say that this is the greatest football game of all-time.

    When it comes to the presentation in sports games, it doesn't get any better than 2K Sports. It's clearly evident with the new NBA 2K games, and when 2K Sports made football games, it was revolutionary.

    It felt like you were watching/playing in a real game with all of the graphics and attention to detail.

    For that, it will always be considered as one of the greatest football games of all-time, but simply not the best.

1. Madden '12

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    As we grow older, the more video games evolve, and that's exactly why Madden is the greatest football game on the planet.

    Some football fans will complain about the lack of additions to the franchise, but they have the gameplay and presentation down pretty well.

    Case in point, I would get so angry playing Madden '10 because the receivers would drop the football for no reason. Well, in Madden '12, that rarely happens, and you have to be good at something, know what you're good at and acquire the talent to do it to be successful.

    That's pretty much as realistic as it gets, and that's why it's the greatest football game to ever surface.