Temporary Linsanity & Peyton Manning's Secret Videos: BR5 3/5

BR5Daily ShowMarch 5, 2012

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up-to-date on everything from the end of Linsanity to a secret video of Peyton Manning.

Was Linsanity only temporary?

Jeremy Lin looks exceptionally unexceptional against the Boston Celtics as the new New York Knicks continue to look like the old Knicks. Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo is looking like... Jeremy Lin.

Rondo is showing the Celtics what happens when you talk about trading him. He lit up the opposition for 18 points, 20 assists, and 17 boards in their overtime victory in Boston. Maybe the Knicks should try that strategy and start a trade rumor about Jeremy Lin. But don’t burn your No. 17 jerseys just yet, the Knicks still have about thirty games left in the season.

Indianapolis Colts fans know one of two things is going to happen this week—either Peyton Manning will be $28 million richer and still a Colt, or he will become a free agent and the Andrew Luck era will be underway.

If that wasn’t enough drama, a shaky video is now out with someone who may or may not be Manning tossing the old pigskin down field rather impressively. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Manning went through “an aggressive throwing session” in his Colts helmet on Friday. But was it enough to get him a new contract? 

Some British dude has decided he’s going to row from Miami to New York. You’d think he’d have a perfectly planned out checklist before attempting the 1,400-mile journey in rough waters, right?

Rowing experience? Lewis Colam is a complete novice and has never tried anything remotely like this before. Colam’s undertaking this insane stunt to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research, which is great as far as motivation goes. But, maybe a little more should have gone into the planning stages.

Japan may be sending a competitor to the Olympics who’s almost old enough to have been in the very first Olympics. Hiroshi Hoketsu is 70 years old and has earned himself a place on the Japanese Equestrian team.

Hoketsu already holds the record for being the oldest Japanese Olympian. He competed in the 2008 games when he was 67, a record that might only be broken if mall walking ever becomes an Olympic event. There’s no word yet if Hoketsu will actually ride this summer in London.  

Don’t mess with the Black Mamba. While other players at last week’s All-Star game were taking it easy, Dwyane Wade decided to play defense for about ten seconds and in the process broke Kobe Bryant’s nose.

Bryant has been wearing a mask ever since and has been scorching hot on the court, just in time for Wade’s visiting Heat this weekend. The Black Mamba’s Lakers won the game, making him 3-0 with his nose protector. And though Bryant has had an interesting season—both on and off the court—no one can say that he doesn’t bring it every night. 

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