NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix's Steve Nash to Dallas for Lamar Odom

Joshua Moeschl@jmoeschl7Correspondent IIIMarch 2, 2012

Steve Nash may be on the move
Steve Nash may be on the moveChristian Petersen/Getty Images

The Phoenix Suns are dealing with an issue many NBA teams are forced to address at some point: Your franchise player is growing long in the tooth, is an upcoming free-agent and the trade deadline looms. 

It has been reported from Dwain Price of The Fort-Worth Star Telegram that the Suns are thinking of letting star point guard Steve Nash go via trade. While Nash has said he would like to stick with Phoenix for the remainder of his career, he most recently said he would be open to doing whatever is in the best interest of the Suns—even if that means being dealt.

The easiest trade out there seems to be sending Nash back to Dallas in exchange for forward Lamar Odom. Nash was a Maverick from 1998-2004. Jason Kidd is really showing his age lately and Nash could help run them back into the postseason. 

For the Suns, they would get a versatile 6'10" forward in Odom. The move from Los Angeles to Dallas hasn't been a fairy tale for Odom. He is struggling to get minutes and is having difficulty adjusting to the Maverick's offense. Odom would seemingly be happier in Phoenix, just hours from his home in Los Angeles. 

As long as the Suns don't demand a No.1 pick from Dallas along with Odom, the deal could work. Now, we have to wait and see just how intent Phoenix is on moving Nash. Unless they get exactly the deal they want, they'll likely hold on to him and take their chances that he will re-sign this offseason. 

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