Tiger Woods as a Navy SEAL? Ridiculous, Preposterous

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 29, 2012

Look Tigh, if you think golf is tough, forget being a SEAL!
Look Tigh, if you think golf is tough, forget being a SEAL!Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tiger Woods once contemplated life as a Navy SEAL?

Ridiculous. Preposterous.

The notion that Eldrick T. Woods would walk away from being golf's most grumpy gazillionaire to try and join one of the elite teams in the Special Operations community is fiction.

The reason is simple. Woods wouldn't have made it through BUD/S training. That's Basic Underwater Demolition/Seals.

First and foremost, he probably wouldn't have passed the physical. Bum knee at an early age and lousy vision. That would wash him out immediately. Period.

Even if Woods didn't have those conditions, he's simply not the type of guy who would become one of our "operators" in the community. SEALs don't do celebrity.

In the SEAL community, they are referred to as "the teams" for good reason. To succeed, you have to be the ultimate "team" guy, which Woods isn't and never was. For Woods, it is and always has been all about Woods and no one else.

Unless you've spent a lot of time around a current or former operator, it is hard to really get a handle on what these special warriors are all about. I have had that privilege. Here in Tampa, MacDill Air Force Base is home to USSOCOM—that's United States Special Operations Command. I have had the amazing opportunity over the years to spend time there, meet some current and former operators and still proudly own a challenge coin presented from former CINC General Peter Schoomaker.

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Celebrities don't become operators; these men are as anonymous as it gets and that's for good reason. They are as stealthy as their operations. And they prefer it that way. It's a must, it keeps those close to them safe.

The late Pat Tillman left the NFL and became an Army Ranger. A Ranger tab is the stepping stone to Special Forces. But Tillman didn't live that long. That's how serious combat is and will always be.

As for Woods trying to "survive" BUD/S training? Keep in mind that the motto of the teams is, "The only easy day was yesterday."

BUD/S training is pure hell and it is because, as it has been declared time and again for centuries, war is hell. The last thing a warrior wants to do is go to war. Twenty years of life on military bases taught me that. My father was a 38-year career Navy officer. His last tour of duty came as Chief of Personnel of the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps. He told me long after he retired that it was so very tough to find some men from the ranks of his hospital corpsmen to go through BUD/S. The teams have to have medics who can fight. Tough task.

With all this in mind, it's laughable to even suggest Woods could cut it as a Navy SEAL.

One common denominator with the SEALs is respect. They get it because they give it and therein lies one of Woods' major shortfalls, he's not a guy who treats many people with respect. In fact, he's pretty much the opposite.

Character? Anyone out there want to debate on the "character" of Tiger Woods?

Loyalty? Woods doesn't know what that word means.

Golf's grumpy gazillionaire reminds me of the line from the Clint Eastwood movie, Heartbreak Ridge. Gunny Highway (played by Eastwood) is looking over his ragged Recon platoon and declares:

"Ladies, the Marines are looking for a few good men. Unfortunately, you're not it."

The SEALs are looking for a VERY FEW good men.

Tiger Woods isn't or never was that.

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