10 NFL Players You Don't Want Babysitting Your Kids

Ty Schalter@tyschalterNFL National Lead WriterFebruary 17, 2012

10 NFL Players You Don't Want Babysitting Your Kids

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    Today's NFL players are deeply committed to community service, charity work and being the public faces of their franchises. Many fans don't realize that players often spend their single in-season day off working with local service organizations. Many, if not most, NFL players have their own charitable foundation.

    Despite their high-stress, high-energy, high-visibility jobs, most NFL players are also upstanding citizens—the kind of guys you'd feel just fine letting watch your kids.

    However, some players struggle to keep their own act together, let alone helping others. Whether they've got bad decision-making skills, lack discipline or are just terrible role models, there are some NFL players you just can't trust.

    Here are the 10 NFL players you absolutely do not want babysitting your kids.

No. 10: Adam 'Pac-Man' Jones

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    Maybe you didn't realize that Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is the same guy who "made it rain" in a Las Vegas strip club. He deserves credit for keeping his nose clean, so he's only 10th. But he's on this list.

No. 9: Tony Romo

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    For the first few hours, he'll do an amazing job of feeding your kids, playing with your kids, getting them ready for bed and reading them stories.

    In the last 15 minutes, he'll put on an R-rated movie, leave the room to call his wife and not notice when your kids get into the dangerous chemicals cupboard and start mixing this and that in the kitchen sink.

No. 8: Vince Wilfork

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    Is...is he smuggling a kid underneath his jersey in this picture?

No. 7: Jeremy Shockey

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    Jeremy Shockey is not known for his discipline, but going to a monster party where they're filming a reality show and getting "dehydrated" for the cameras shows some serious judgement problems.

No. 6: Rex Grossman

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    Would you leave your kids with a guy they call the "Sex Cannon?" Yes?

    Well, what if he were the worst decision-maker in football?

No. 5: Antonio Cromartie

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    In theory, Antonio Cromartie has a lot of experience with kids. He has nine of his own. But since they're by eight different women, they're probably not often in the same place at the same time.

No. 4: Jamarcus Russell

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    Technically, Jamarcus Russell isn't "an NFL player" since he's not currently on a roster (and may not ever be again). But can't you picture coming home to a driveway full of fire trucks, the house laying in smoldering ashes and Jamarcus and the kids chilling on the couch blissfully unaware?

No. 3: Ben Roethlisberger

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    Ben Roethlisberger's well-publicized civil and criminal legal issues technically don't have anything to do with suitability for babysitting.

    Nobody would blame you for taking a pass anyway.

No. 2: Chad Ochocinco

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    Wide receivers are a notoriously self-absorbed bunch, but Chad Ochocinco took that to a whole different level. The first player to legally change his name in order to get his nickname on the back of his NFL jersey, Ochocinco has made headlines for forgetting important things, like paying for cars he took out loans on.

     If you want to make sure your kids are there when you pick them up, don't leave them at Ochocinco's "Child, Please Daycare Center."

No. 1: Albert Haynesworth

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    First, Albert Haynesworth will demand $1,000,000 an hour. Then, he'll fall asleep on the job.

    After he leaves, you'll realize he ate your refrigerator. Not everything IN your refrigerator, the actual appliance.

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