Pro Wrestling's Hall of Shame: Ed "Oklahoma" Ferrara

Hands of Stone BlankenshipContributor IIIFebruary 11, 2012

Welcome back to Pro Wrestling's Hall of Shame. We've had some new items and displays set up in the HoS, you may have noticed the addition of Glacier's entrance gear, the furry body suit of Giant Gonzales and a basketball that does in fact, hold grudges.

The Brawl for All was the first inductee into the Hall of Shame, and the second inductee is a man who had a hand in booking the Brawl for All, Ed Ferrara, better known as Oklahoma or Vince Russo's best(and only) friend.

Ferrara isn't being inducted based on his time as a creative writer for WWF, WCW, and TNA, but as the ever so insulting Oklahoma.

We all remember when Vince Russo arrived in WCW; we're still trying to forget it. What some of us didn't know was that Russo brought along his writing partner Ed Ferrara. We all know how the story goes from there; they were given control over a multi-million dollar company and now the Rise and Fall of WCW sits on many of our DVD racks.

It was 1999, Russo and Ferrara were no longer under the thumb of men like Vince McMahon and Jim Ross. They were brought in to turn around the sinking ship that WCW had become, but they had other ideas. Taking shots at their former employer and co-workers, eating up valuable TV time trying to get themselves over, and the killer, putting championship titles on themselves.

While Russo was all over WCW TV, Ferrara had more of a quiet debut, it was insulting, disgraceful and outlandish but not as loud as Russo winning the world title during the main event. Anybody remember the pinata on pole match? I do; I wrote about that crap

The match was beyond...beyond...yeah, I've ran out of words for bad, so let's just say the match was Russo. It was nothing more than a way to debut Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and let Ferrara mock Jim Ross—a man loved by all in the wrestling world. Ferrara went as far as mocking Ross' Bells Palsy condition. Nothing is off limits to the man behind Beaver Cleavage.

What really got me was his reign as cruiserweight champion. The man is pushing the scales around 300 pounds. Who did he beat for the title?

Madusa, yes that's right, a woman. It didn't really matter to WCW by this point, as Daffney also held the cruiserweight title. After the buyout of WCW, Ferrara went on to work for TNA. Thank god he doesn't work there anymore.

Ferrara had no business in the ring or on TV, and his creative ideas were juvenile at best.

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