MLB: The 20 Baseball Announcers You Don't Want to Call Your Game

Eli Marger@Eli_MargerCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2012

MLB: The 20 Baseball Announcers You Don't Want to Call Your Game

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    Whenever you flip on a baseball game that you have no personal attachment to, there are always a few criteria you evaluate before deciding if the game is worth watching. Does your team have any stake in the game? Is there an intriguing storyline that could be developing? Is it a close game in late innings? Who is announcing?

    The last one can be of special importance to many. Commentators often make or break games for fans watching on TV or listening on the radio. They can liven the game and paint a vivid picture for the fan, much like Vin Scully.

    Or, they can make every game sound like a funeral, like Joe Buck.

    Anyways, here are 20 announcers that you really don't want to hear on TV or radio when you're watching a game.

Suzyn Waldman

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    Every Yankees fan I've ever talked to about this topic has professed their hate for Suzyn Waldman. The general opinion I've gathered is that she adds literally nothing to the broadcast.

    Then, I listened to a Yankees game on radio. What did I think?

    Well, for once, I agreed with the Yankees fans.

Joe Buck

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    You know, I think that Joe's father, Jack, might have been one of the greatest announcers in the history of baseball. He was just fantastic.

    Unfortunately, the apple fell very far from the tree. Joe Buck might be the most boring voice in sports.

    He actually does a great job of putting you to sleep in a late-night broadcast.

    His home-run call sounds something like, "Freese hits a deep fly to center field, and although this is the biggest home run in St. Louis history, I'm going to make it sound like it's a Royals-Orioles game in mid-August!"

Hawk Harrelson

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    Hey look! It's Hawk Harrelson in a White Sox hat! Listen, I know he's a hometown guy and he is allowed to let his colors show a little bit, but Harrelson really takes it too far.

    He is by far the biggest homer on any level of baseball broadcasting, and he will certainly let you know that he is a White Sox fan.

    If I were a fan of any other team watching a game that Hawk was commentating, I'd probably break the TV.

Jon Miller

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    I'm really glad I live on the East Coast, and not having to hear Miller any more is one of the main reasons.

    He and Joe Morgan were the absolute worst broadcast team, and now that Miller is with the San Francisco Giants, some of baseball's best fans have to be subjected to his announcing.

    It's not that he's a bad announcer, but I think that so many years of being paired with Joe Morgan took its toll. It's almost like Miller picked up Morgan's bad habits and has kept them with him.

Bert Blyleven

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    This says it all. Blyleven was a great pitcher, probably is a great guy, but he just isn't a great announcer.

    He is unprofessional to the maximum, as evidenced by the 0:45 mark in the video above.

    Come on, Bert. You can do better than that.

Tim McCarver

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    I kind of compare McCarver to John Madden. They both say things that are painfully obvious, and really don't add a whole lot to games.

    McCarver is especially bad with his anecdotes, which are usually nonsensical and rambling. I understand he's got great experience playing the game, but a good career does not a good announcer make.

    He and Joe Buck are the most painful duo on TV.

Michael Kay

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    A lot of people like Michael Kay, and he's not always a bad announcer. The YES broadcaster has his good moments, but he has said some really, really dumb things over the years.

    He's a pretty blatant homer, which is understandable because the Yankees own his network, but that does take a lot away from his analysis.

    Speaking of his analysis, Kay isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

John Sterling

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    Now, where Kay isn't awful, John Sterling is. The Yankees radio announcer is just plain miserable and it's all about his blatant homerism.

    The only more annoying thing than listening to Yankees fans in the stands is listening to biased radio announcers, and Sterling is the Rolls Royce of those.

    I'm sorry, Yankees fans, but your announcers just aren't very good.

    Waldman and Sterling are particularly miserable, but hey, when you're the Yankees, you can put a child in front of the microphone and the broadcast would still make money.

Chris Berman

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    Back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, oh hey! Didn't see ya there!

    I know Berman doesn't do a whole lot of games, but is anyone else besides me really tired of hearing him call the Home Run Derby?

    His annoying calls were fun a few years ago, but that has worn off and now, it's actually compelled me to listen to the ESPN Deportes call of the Derby.

Daron Sutton

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    This is from a few years ago, but just watch this PSA.

    Never did I think I'd be against supporting underprivileged children just because of a commercial. Daron Sutton just comes off as jerky.

    Also, listen to his wonderful remark to Len Kasper at the end. He does that to almost every opponent.

Chip Caray

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    Petco Pecker.

    That says it all about Chip Caray, the son of the greatest broadcaster of all time.

    Chip, unfortunately, did not inherit Harry Caray's genes, and has more slip-ups than he does good moments. This one in the video is one of his finest slip-ups.

Mark Grant

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    I've never had the pleasure of listening to a game Mark Grant has called, but from what I've heard and read, he is just not good at all.

    I'd be curious to know why people don't like him, but the most common reasons I've heard so far are his homerism, his amateurish style, and his saying some pretty darn stupid things while on the air.

Joe Morgan

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    Joe Morgan is the worst. Really. I'm so glad ESPN got rid of him because it was incredibly painful to watch the game I love and listen to this nincompoop ramble at the same time.

    It's not that Morgan doesn't have some valuable insight to the game based on his playing career.

    It's his incessant rambling and stupid remarks, and the occasional biased comment, that makes him impossible to listen to.

Steve Lyons

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    You have to wonder if the Dodgers or anyone else who has ever employed Lyons as a broadcaster saw this video.

    It's interesting because his broadcast style is largely the same as this play—stupid, mindless, and unconcerned with what the audience will think.

    He has made some really unprofessional comments, and though he has some bright spots, he's definitely one of the weirdest broadcasters out there.

Brian Anderson

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    Listen, I'm a Rays fan. I'll put it out there. Lots of these lists have Dewayne Staats on them, but I totally disagree. I think Staats is a great play-by-play man.

    Brian Anderson, on the other hand, not so much. He's got some good insight at times, but a majority of the time, he says obvious, blatantly homer comments.

    Much like many former players who landed broadcasting gigs, he just doesn't say smart things all the time. It's to be expected, but Anderson is one of those guys who just can't say much to add to the broadcast.

Jeff Brantley

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    Just go to 1:40 in the video and tell me how long you were able to listen. Do it.

Rob Dibble

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    Back when Rob Dibble was a Nationals broadcaster (you know, last year) he made some disparaging remarks about Stephen Strasburg.

    That's kind of like a Yankees broadcaster calling Derek Jeter a little leaguer. Needless to say, Dibble no longer has a job with the Nats.

    But even when he did, he was a bipolar homer. If you're a Nationals fan, is there something about this guy I'm missing? Was there anything good about him?

Harry Doyle

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    It had to happen.

    Although you have to admit that if you were a "Cleveland Indians fan" in this movie, you would probably love to hear the ever-complaining Harry Doyle (voiced by legend Bob Uecker) call your games.

Gary Thorne

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    As a casual player of the MLB2K video games, hearing Gary Thorne's voice makes me cringe.

    But even in real life, Thorne doesn't do a whole lot for the baseball broadcast. His former hockey self takes over much of the time, and his incessant rambling gets old after a while.

    He also committed a major taboo when he claimed that Curt Schilling's bloody sock incident was a hoax.

Glenn Geffner

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    The current Marlins broadcaster is pretty awful. Like, really awful. Every game I've ever heard him call was absolutely painful to listen to.

    The general consensus on Geffner is that he just isn't a good announcer. It's not that he's particularly biased or stupid, he just isn't good.

    He's the kid you knew in high school who would commentate your school's baseball games and wouldn't know when to shut up.

    Yeah, that guy.