Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Ads Leaking Early Makes Anticipation Worthless

Luis Batlle@lbatll1Contributor IFebruary 5, 2012

Each year during the NFL's Super Bowl there always are the glorified, comical and unique Super Bowl commercials that are shown throughout the game.

For some, it's easily the most anticipated part of the Super Bowl. Period.

Technological advances and an Internet craze are tarnishing the anticipation and the uniqueness of the ads entirely. Companies advertising on NBC during the Super Bowl now leak different commercials they will show and give some fans a chance to get a sneak peak.

Leaked ads may not be the easiest to track down, nor do the majority of people necessarily watch them prior to the game. The problem is that with time, with several years of leaking commercials, there will be essentially no point of even advertising for the big game.

Yes, no point.

There will only continue to be an increased number of viewers of these leaked commercials, as naturally with time the idea will spread.

Yet what makes the ads so glorified and immensely appreciated is not necessarily because they are significantly better ads than those shown year-round.

What makes the commercial viewing especially entertaining for fans of the game nationwide as well as worldwide is the element of surprise—an element that each of these ads that leak fail to encompass via leaking on the Internet.

The Super Bowl is a special event for sports fans across the globe for the different elements of the night. Whether it's the game itself, the halftime performances, or the commercials, each facet of the event is meaningful in the eyes of the many spectators viewing the game.

Watching commercials prior to the big game may be accepted by some, but in the long haul there is no doubt it destroys this area of the game. The Super Bowl commercials are known for their surprise, as the leaking of ads via Internet has forever scarred what was once one of the more meaningful Super Bowl festivities.


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