Super Bowl Commercials: The 10 Best Ever

Paul Grossinger@@pgrossingerAnalyst IIFebruary 5, 2012

Super Bowl Commercials: The 10 Best Ever

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    Super Bowl ads are one of the best parts of the whole Super Bowl experience.  

    Usually, the best way to deal with an advertisement is to ignore or skip it, but the NFL's biggest game is different. Companies pay so much money for each second of airtime that their advertisements have to be good!

    So, what are the very best Super Bowl ads of all time?  There are countless good picks but what follows is a selection of some of the funniest.  

    Let's take a look...

Namath and Fawcett Spice Up Noxzema

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    Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett bring the sexy to Noxzema.  For 1973, Fawcett's risque spreading of cream over Namath's face made headlines!

EDS Runs with the Squirrels

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    In one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials in recent years, these vicious squirrels make you cringe and laugh at the same time!  I still don't know what the commercial has to do with EDS Business Associates, but does it matter? 

The Monks Use Xerox

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    Its a golden oldie, the monks have lots of papers to copy so it's time to turn away from beautiful hand-copied images and use the Xerox copy machine.

Mean Joe Greene Gets His Coke Fix

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    Maybe its because Mean Joe Greene is my favorite old-time Pittsburg Steeler.  Maybe it's because this commercial appeals to our deeper emotions.  Either way, this commercial remains a timeless classic.

Bud Light's Secret Fridge

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    You got to hide the Bud Light.  That was one fan's mission when he built the secret fridge.  Sadly, that fridge went into his neighbors house.  It's a humorous reminder never to be selfish with your beer!

Are They Drooling over Pepsi or Cindy Crawford?

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    Cindy Crawford may be the biggest sex symbol of the 1990s.  But are those kids staring at her or her Pepsi can?  After all, those new-look Pepsi cans were darn sexy too!

Google Helps You Impress a French Girl

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    Google's first Super Bowl ad was a huge hit!  After watching, everyone knew how much Google could help impress a French girl or to do anything else.  

    Of course, that was ages ago; think of how much more Google can do now!

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Have a Shooting Contest for the Ages

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    Back in 1993, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were the best in basketball.  Their shooting contest makes for one of the most memorable Super Bowl ads ever.  Who do you think won that Big Mac?

Doritos House Rules

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    A personal favorite.  Remember: Don't break the house rules!

The Budweiser Frogs

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    Budweiser's Frogs debuted in 1995.  Even 15 years later, I can still remember them!  How many Budweisers did those frogs sell?