Puppy Bowl VIII: 5 Best Videos from Last 7 Years

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 4, 2012

Puppy Bowl VIII: 5 Best Videos from Last 7 Years

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    There's nothing cuter, funnier or more awesome than watching a bunch of puppies run around a fake puppy field and simulate a football game, and that's exactly what we'll get from Puppy Bowl VIII.

    That's right folks—it's back and better than ever.

    More excitement, more drama, more slow motion replays and more puppies.

    It's everything a dog lover and football fan could want.

    In preparation of the big game we here at Bleacher Report have rounded up some of the best moments from the past seven years of the big game.

    Prepare to have your world rocked by cuteness:

5. We're Going Streaking

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    Everybody's doing it.

    What big game would be complete without a crazy streaker taking the field and interrupting the action with their antics?

    An even better question is: What would a Puppy Bowl highlight list be without this epic moment?

    The crowd cheered the troublemaker on and the players tried to bring her down, but in the end it was the quick reflexes of the referee that were able to get this game back on track. She most likely spent the night in the pound, but this pup will always be remembered for her free spirit.

    She was bad to the bone.

    Watch The Video Here.

4. Hamster Run Blimp

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    I figured the title of this slide would be enough to draw you in, but now it's time to keep you here.

    There are few things in this world that could be better than a "blimp" completely controlled and operated by hamsters.

    This clip here is a highlight of an "unnecessary ruffness" call, but I could not stop fixating on the fact that those cute little Hamsters were running the show from above.

    This is must-see TV.

    If you're thinking such a wonder does not exist, look no further than the Puppy Bowl my friend.

    Watch The Video Here.

3. Starting Lineups

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    One of the most hyped up and produced parts of a sporting event is the announcing of the starting lineup, and the Puppy Bowl holds nothing back.

    These guys get their own entrance—complete with slow motion for extra cuteness—and their own stat line, complete with irrelevant and most likely made up information.

    It's incredible.

    Watch The Video Here.

2. Kitty Halftime Show

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    In many realities dogs and cats do not get along, but come Puppy Bowl Sunday, these two species put aside their differences and work towards one common goal—being cute and awesome.

    We've come to expect some epic Super Bowl halftime performances in our world, so isn't it only fair that the animal world gets the same?

    The best thing about the Kitty Halftime Show is that it is void of wardrobe malfunctions and washed up and strung out rock stars.

    Watch The Video Here.

1. National Anthem

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    It just doesn't get any more classic than this.

    I'm not sure if this bird got all the words right, but then again it certainly did a lot better than Christina Aguilera or Steven Tyler.

    Watch The Video Here.

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