5 Funniest Super Bowl Ads That Weren't for Doritos

Alex Giobbi@@alexgiobbiAnalyst IJanuary 18, 2012

5 Funniest Super Bowl Ads That Weren't for Doritos

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    One of the best things to watch during the Super Bowl aside from the game is the ads. The ads are brand new, ridiculously hilarious at times and some even make it into the pop culture spectrum. 

    But every year, there's one company that outdoes themselves, and that's Doritos.

    Doritos has pulled out hilarious ads in recent years thanks to their Crash the Super Bowl Contest. Some classics include the Doritos Pug, the Doritos Snowglobe (which I can honestly say is a derpy commercial, considering you can see the jokes from a mile away), the Doritos Coffin and my personal favorite, the Doritos Ninja.

    So I've decided to compile a list of five Super Bowl ads from the past five years that don't have Doritos as their product. I welcome any comment, so long as it's not about Doritos.

    With all due respect to Bud Light, here we go.  

Super Bowl XLV, Brisk: Eminem

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    This commercial is hilarious because, well, Eminem in claymation is amusing. His list of demands for the commercial is funny, especially his last two:

    His own song:

    Yo (long censor), bring it (censor), cool refreshing (censor), ICE TEA DRINK IT!

    And after he tastes Brisk,  

    No, we can't change the name to Eminem's "Shut Up and Drink It..." ICE TEA!

    The irony of the whole thing is he says he doesn't do commercials, and he, although in clay form, is doing a commercial. Quite hilarious. 

Super Bowl XLIV, TruTV: Punxsutawney Polamalu

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    This commercial is funny because it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to Groundhog Day. It's also funny because Troy Polamalu in miniature is just a riot. 

    Whether it's his girly scream after seeing his shadow, his victory pose with the "Mayor" or just the fact that he's small, it's a good laugh, and this is coming from a Jets/Ravens fan. 

Super Bowl XLIII, Bud Light: Swedish Ad

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    This commercial cracks me up every time I see it. Here's Conan O'Brien, who plays a straight-laced version of himself working with H. Jon Benjamin on a possible commercial.

    When Jon mentioned Sweden, I knew it was going to be nuts. 

    The ad within an ad portrays Conan as a, well, I don't know exactly how to put it, but add the Swedish twins, the euro-trash music, the kitty and the Vroom Vroom Party Starter, and you got yourself a genuine Swedish Bud Light ad.  

    What's also funny is the then-slogan of "The Difference is Drinkability" being translated into Swedish, and Conan watching his ad that was only supposed to air in Sweden in Times Square on a giant video board.  

Super Bowl XLII, E*Trade: Baby

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    Although not as funny as subsequent E*Trade commercials, the baby has been a staple in Super Bowl ads since 2008. 

    What's funny about this is seeing the baby at a computer buying stock, saying it's no big deal, then spitting up on himself, as he's obviously amazed at his accomplishment. 

    All in all, the E*Trade baby always steals the show each year with its commercials. 

Supe Bowl XLI, Nationwide, Rollin' VIP

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    This video is funny because it accurately describes who K-Fed is. 

    In the "music video," K-Fed makes it seem like he's a great rapper, a ladies man and a financial success.

    Then we see reality hit. K-Fed, after his divorce, is working at a fast food joint, manning the fry machine, but still trying to rap using the CCTV in the store. 

    Life does come at you fast.