Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Mr. Quiggly the French Bulldog Will Steal the Show

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2012

Last year, Skechers gave us a steamy, sweaty Kim Kardashian and raised a few eyebrows along the way.

This year, the company is giving us...wait for it....Mr. Quiggly the French bulldog! And Mark Cuban!

You're excited, aren't you?

Well, you should be. Besides all of the jokes we all know you'll be making about how Skechers replaced Kim Kardashian with a dog (be nice, people—technically speaking, it's not true), Mr. Quiggly is going to bring a lot of controversy to the game.

From Barry Janoff of The Big Lead:

The premise of the commercial, Skechers’ third consecutive appearance in the Super Bowl, sees Mr. Quiggly wearing the company’s new GOrun shoes and outdistancing a pack of greyhounds. The spot, as yet unseen by the public, attracted the ire of greyhound advocacy groups that want to ban greyhound racing. Among other efforts, they have taken the offensive and initiated petitions to have the ad pulled.

DALLAS, TX - DECEMBER 25:  Owner Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks stands with the NBA trophy before a game against the Miami Heat on opening day of the NBA season at American Airlines Center on December 25, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  NOTE TO USER: User exp
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This commercial has everything going for it. Pregame controversy, obvious Kim Kardashian jokes, Mark Cuban, a French bulldog wearing a track suit and red shoes, and this answer by Leonard Armato, president of Skechers Fitness Group, to one of Janoff's questions:

BLS: I’m seeing a lot of dogs in other commercials, kids, humor, the usual suspects. Why is your commercial going to stand apart?

LA: I think we have one of the best ads, if not the best ad, in the game. Animals are big, whether it’s a dog, a Clydesdale or some other animal. We’ve got that. Celebrities are big, so [companies like to] put a celebrity in there. We’ve got that. Humor is big. We’ve got that. And sex is big. But we don’t have that this year.

He missed a few things. Catchphrases are big, defining masculinity in absurd ways and excluding women from your product is big and cavemen being offended by somewhat obscure football players during unrealistic Scrabble games somehow remains big.

Get your DVR's ready, people—Mr. Quiggly is the next big thing.

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