10 Best Tiger Woods Video Game Covers

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2012

10 Best Tiger Woods Video Game Covers

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    One of Tiger Woods' most profitable products is his video game. The PGA Tour series, which has been up and running for 15 years, has been available for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles, as well as for PC and Mac.

    EA Sports has included new features, players and courses, but also different covers. Let's walk through the best of them.

10. 2001

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    This was released during one of Tiger's most successful seasons, 2000, when he won nine times on the PGA, including three majors.

    In this cover, we see a very focused and confident Tiger, which makes us remember the guy he used to be and that we miss.

9. 2002

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    In this cover, we see Tiger Woods celebrating, but not with the same power and fury as he sometimes does, which is hard to believe considering he led the money list and was ranked first in scoring average in 2001.

8. 2004

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    Focused on the next putt, reading the green and ready to execute, that's how we see Tiger in this cover, the only one in which he appears in this particular position.

    A curious fact is that in 2002, Tiger ranked 83rd in putting average; the next season, when this video game was released, he finished 10th.

7. 2012

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    The cool thing about this cover is that we don't see Tiger in the foreground; the game took the Masters name as its prime characteristic. And the hole that's portrayed is, precisely, No. 12.

    Oh yeah, and by March 2011, when the game was released, Tiger had been winless for 16 months, the longest drought in his career up till that point.

6. 1999

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    The first edition was launched in 1998, when Woods was playing his third PGA season.

    By that time, he was 22 years old and had won seven times on the tour. In the cover, we see a young Tiger with two of his most famous characteristics: a red polo shirt and his victory fist.

5. 2003

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    Forget about thoughtful Tiger on the foreground, the real deal is the one in the back.

    That picture was taken at the 2000 Open Championship, which was played at St. Andrews, where Woods won for the first time in his career.

4. 2005

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    Uncle Tiger, is that you? Emulating one of USA's most emblematic images was how Woods appeared in the 2005 cover of his video game.

    The photo is more than suitable, since 19 days prior to its release, Vijay Singh became the best golfer in the world, leaving Woods in the second spot.

3. 2011

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    This edition featured the Ryder Cup and for the very first time, we saw Tiger sharing the cover with another golfer. It was the teen phenomenon Rory McIlroy, who became the first player to win a tournament at age 21 since Woods accomplished the feat. 

    The game was released almost a month-and-a-half earlier than the 2010 Open Championship, in which Rors tied a major championship record after shooting 63 in the first round.

2. 2013

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    One of the great things about the newest Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game is that it will have two covers.

    The people at EA Sports thought that fans needed to decide which player should be next to Tiger in the cover. After a very tough matchplay, it was announced that Rory McIlroy will appear in the European version, while Rickie Fowler will be on the U.S. one.

1. 2010

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    This is the ultimate expression of passion and emotion on the course. This is, by far, the best cover of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.

    Where was this taken from? The 2008 US Open. Woods birdied the 18th to force an 18-hole payoff against Rocco Mediate. Tiger won.