Demolition of Tiger Woods' Manse Must Be Cathartic for His Ex

Daniel de la RosaContributor IJanuary 13, 2012

Tiger and Elin -- before it fell apart.
Tiger and Elin -- before it fell apart.Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Since when did Tiger Woods become a "termite?"

Elin Nordegren, who was carrying a golf club when Woods ran down the garage of their Florida mansion, (don't ask me if she was swinging it at his head), had their $12 million Florida oceanfront manse bulldozed, finding termites and carpenter ants in its cabinets, hardware and fixtures.

Sorry if am a bit dense, but when you get pests in your home, don't you just call the guy, I mean, the exterminator?

Here, they opted to rip the house apart like an ugly duck that one cannot stand to look at. Hello Aflac.

It's like that thing they said in Vietnam: "We had to destroy the village in order to save it." I know the quote by an unnamed U.S. army officer has been distorted in the retelling, but the shoe fits in this mansion demolition derby.

You had to wonder what Elin was doing when the bulldozers came in. Was she there watching them turn the house of really bad memories into a pile of rubble? Did she take a hammer and bash the man cave where Woods used to watch Stanford football games? Or did she just watch from a distance and kept tabs on the work by the construction team she hired?

One has to think that the whole thing was cathartic.

You know how you feel when you're at the end of the day and just want to tell the (put expletive here) scum who is your (a. boss, b. back-stabbing friend, or c. cheating ex-husband or wife) what you really want to do to them.

I remember doing a primal scream. You rear back and just let it rip. You feel great. You're Linda Blair and the devil has been exorcised from your life, or Tom Cruise doing a dance on Oprah's table.

Some publications said Elin just wanted everything to go to charity. That's great, and bully for her.

But (and you knew this was coming), this was a primal scream to all the bimbos that came crawling out of the woodwork in Tigers' life that Thanksgiving night, and for several months afterward.

Woods as a "termite." Yup, that sounds about right.


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