Aaron Rodgers' State Farm Ads: Which One Is Better?

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IJanuary 8, 2012

Aaron Rodgers' State Farm Ads: Which One Is Better?

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    The most exciting 30 seconds this weekend did not come on the gridiron. 

    Instead it came when State Farm released its second commercial featuring Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers

    Now fans of the NFL and State Farm alike have two advertisements to laugh at. So without further ado, here is a matchup that will make Mayweather vs Pacquiao feel like Butler vs. UConn. 

    The Battle of State Farm begins. 

The Original: State of Imitation

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    As soon as this commercial opened, it become a big hit. In fact, several months later, I still enjoy watching it. 

    The premise is simple. A young couple who just scored a discount through State Farm's Discount Double Check celebrates with a move quite similar to the belt celebration of Aaron Rodgers. State Farm customers believe that they own the move. When Rodgers tells them he is a quarterback, the customers treat him like a little child and make fun of him. 

    While that alone is quite funny, the moment that makes the advertisement comes in the end. A fat Packers fan wearing a cheesehead appears in the window and screams, "RODGEAAAAAAAZ! Discount Double Check!" while doing the belt move. 

    He gets me every time. 

The Sequel: State of Imitation 2

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    Since the first commercial was so successful, State Farm decided to make another one. This sequel premised this playoff weekend to laughs across the nation. 

    The couple, Aaron Rodgers, the State Farm agent and the "rabid" fan are all back for this sure-fire hit. But they are joined by Packers bruising defensive lineman BJ Raji.

    Raji is in the State Farm office, where the agent shows him how he can save using the Discount Double Check. This is when Rodgers comes back in the office and is shocked to find his own teammate doing his belt celebration. 

    The couple then tells Rodgers that he is doing his own celebration wrong. This is where 337-pound Raji bursts into dance with music that asks Raji to show everyone what he got. Rodgers is ultimately fed up and leaves the office. The couple then follows him still dancing. 

    At the end, the fan is back screaming and dancing once again. 

The Verdict

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    OK, so which commercial wins? 

    After watching both commercials, I will have to give my vote to the sequel. While it is a known fact that not all sequels are as good as the original, this one is miles better. 

    I laughed at them both, but State of Imitation 2 built on the good points of the first ad and only became better. Whereas the first one felt forced and some jokes fell flat, every second in the sequel was pure comedic genius. 

    Bringing in fan favorite BJ Raji to dance was an added bonus and only made the commercial that much better. 

    I loved both of these hilarious commercials, but in my humble opinion, State of Imitation 2 wins. 

    Please comment with your opinions. I would love to hear what you guys think.