7 NASCAR Twitter Personalities You Should Follow in the New Year

Melissa Bauer-Herzog@mbauerherzogCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2012

7 NASCAR Twitter Personalities You Should Follow in the New Year

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    Twitter, the social media website that let's regular people talk to their idols. Only a few years ago, many fans never got the chance to see their favorite driver outside the weekend races and they never got the chance to talk to them one on one. While there are many NASCAR personalities on Twitter (and for the best information and entertainment, you should follow most of them), there are a few that stand out when it comes to good tweets.

    If you want to add some spice to your Twitter feed, this list is the right one for you.

No. 8: Darrell Waltrip

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    Twitter Handle: @AllWaltrip

    Darrell Waltrip is a good person to follow on Twitter because he gives you a different look than you may get from the media. He also enjoys playing devil's advocate at times, stirring up fans and other NASCAR people alike. Even if you don't like him on broadcasts, he's someone that will teach you a lot if you take the time to read his tweets.

No. 7: Jenna Fryer

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    Twitter Handle: @JennaFryer

    Jenna Fryer is a member of the NASCAR media that brings you information from all the tracks. This year she's probably most famous for Kurt Busch ripping up her notes during a media conference. But Fryer doesn't only provide news from each race, she also gives you information from IndyCar and the Bobcats (and her daughter's obsession with the basketball team).

    Fryer has also had very entertaining NASCAR conversations with drivers and fans and let us see inside the make over she gave Brad Keselowski the other day. She's pretty much the complete package.

No. 5: Kevin Harvick

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    Twitter Handle: @KevinHarvick

    Kevin Harvick has been quiet during the offseason but when the cars are running around the country, he is a lot more active. His best moments may be his discussions with his wife Delana and his faithful sidekick (aka personal assistant) the juicy Mother_Function.

    If you want to be entertained, you really need to be following Harvick.

No. 4: Brad Keselowski

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    Twitter Handle:@keselowski

    Unlike other drivers, being fined by NASCAR for his opinions doesn't look like it has slowed Brad Keselowski down too much in the Twitter department. Keselowski literally tweets from almost anywhere. He gave us the breaking news about his broken ankle (complete with pictures) and tweeted from his car while waiting to roll out on the track for qualifying.

    Keselowski may show that the super-secret NASCAR fine has affected him when the season rolls around, but for now if you like NASCAR and you like entertaining conversations, follow him.

No. 3: The Orange Cone

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    Twitter Handle: @TheOrangeCone

    Live from the life of a... cone? Yep, that's what The Orange Cone is. While this picture doesn't show the No. 3 on this list, it does show where he lives, the entrance of pit road.

    You wouldn't think the life of a cone on pit road would be interesting but The Orange Cone proves that thought wrong by giving commentary to the cone that risks its life every race. It also gets "phone calls" at random times from other objects around the track (this last season, the stick up Kurt Busch's butt seemed to be the main caller).

    I honestly cannot do the Cone justice but I promise that if you follow, you will be hooked.

No. 2: Jimmie Johnson

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    Twitter Handle: @Jimmiejohnson

    Twitter may be able to single-handedly take credit for changing Jimmie Johnson from a Vanilla to Chocolate Twist attitude in NASCAR fans' eyes. Johnson let his personality show on Twitter, joking around with fans and media and just being himself. He also introduced the world to Mini Chad, the Chad Knaus that can go anywhere.

    Between his humor, the pictures he sends and the videos he shows us, following Johnson on Twitter is the best way to know how a five-time Champion lives and what he thinks. Plus, you could have a chance to win Jimmie Johnson merchandise that was actually used by the driver.

No. 1: Matt Kenseth

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    Twitter Handle: @matt_kenseth17

    Matt Kenseth may be the funniest person on Twitter thanks to his sarcastic humor. The "robot" turns into a lively, and very funny, guy on the social media site and goes a little insane with the number of tweets he sends when he's bored.

    If you want a driver that will make you laugh like crazy every time he signs on to Twitter (which is usually at least weekly), follow Kenseth. If you aren't a fan of the Green Bay Packers, you may want to wait until after the football season is over unless you want to do some trash talking. Just be warned, Kenseth may talk back.

Honorable Mentions

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    Here are some NASCAR personalities that didn't make the list but are worth a follow. To find them, just type their name into the search on the top of your Twitter page.

    Jeff Gluck- Great for NASCAR news and the organizer of weekly Tweet Ups at the NASCAR races (that have included drivers and other NASCAR personalities).

    Marty Smith- A good way to get a new twist on NASCAR news while also getting some redneck flavor with his other tweets. Also a proud member of the tight shirt club.

    Michael Waltrip- Just as funny on Twitter and he does fit a few sponsor plugs in as well. A good one to follow if you want a down to earth guy that obviously loves talking to his fans.

    Mother_Function- Kevin Harvick's sidekick. If you want to be entertained, follow both of them and watch their very amusing battles unfold in public view.

    Kenny Wallace- It's Kenny Wallace, he's awesome and will make you laugh. You have nothing to lose following him.

    Jeff Gordon- His break dancing isn't the only thing he's good at. If you're a Gordon fan, follow him. Just be warned that he does sometimes share the feed with his PR people.

    Kasey Kahne- Kahne was just involved in a Twitter controversy but his tweets are usually pretty interesting.

    Delana Harvick- Kevin Harvick's wife is actively involved on Twitter and usually does a Q & A before races every week and sometimes during the offseason (she has also talked Kevin Harvick into doing Q & As in 2012). She's also involved in the Harvick/MF twitter battles, thus she's a must follow.

    Denny Hamlin- After he was fined by NASCAR, he really cut back on the tweeting but he's slowly getting more vocal again. Also, his give aways are usually of legendary proportions. 

    Juan Pablo Montoya- Definitely the most popular driver when it comes to number of followers, Montoya is good about tweeting about life outside of the race track so you get to see what it's like outside the car.

    These are just a few of the NASCAR Twitter personalities, but each is definitely worth a look if you want to see more than just the weekend races.


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