Report: David Beckham to Remain in the MLS: Family to Keep Becks in LA

Kyle Degab@@kdegabContributor IIIJanuary 3, 2012

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 06:  David Beckham of the Galaxy takes a corner as the crowd watches on during the friendly match between the Melbourne Victory and LA Galaxy at Etihad Stadium on December 6, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)
Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Despite recent rumors of David Beckham heading the Paris to join French side Paris Saint-Germain, it appears as though the tides have now turned for this aging star. 

Soccernet.com is citing Beckham's family as being the deciding factor in the difficult decision facing Becks this off-season.  

Leonardo was planning on giving the former England captain time to reconsider his position, but it now seems as though Beckham's decision is final. He does not want to leave his family behind in California - as he has done in previous loan spells at AC Milan - on what would be a long-term basis.

Beckham has long been vocal about his aspirations to add to the MLS ever since his arrival. He has shown interest in owning his own team once his playing career is over. Many feel that the MLS was using this as leverage to keep Beckham a part of Major League Soccer.

Whatever transpired, it seemed certain that Beckham would be taking his dangerous right boot to Paris this transfer window.  

What does Beckham's decision mean for the MLS?

LA will be again be favored contenders.

The LA Galaxy will retain all three of their key designated players and remain favorites to retain their MLS title in 2012.

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MLS will continue to draw quality (yet aging) stars.

David Beckham's commitment to the MLS suggests that he believes in the quality and growth of the league. Even if this isn't true, his worldwide status will ensure that MLS is attracting the attention of global media.

Despite Beckham's age, turning down PSG to remain with LA shows his commitment and faith in the league. It was vital for MLS to renew his contract and keep Beckham a part of the growth and development of the league, even after his retirement. 

MLS would certainly have taken a hit if Beckham played out his contract and left. At 36 years of age, this is probably the wisest decision for Beckham and his family, although this is certain to effect his aspirations for Olympic of Euro football this summer. 


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