15 Craziest Things Ever Thrown During a Sporting Event

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIJanuary 5, 2012

15 Craziest Things Ever Thrown During a Sporting Event

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    When you find yourself at a sporting event, you better have eyes on the back of your head because things have been flying from the stands since the beginning of athletic competition.

    Crazy things happen during sporting events, but nothing is more insane than when something like a slice of pizza comes flying past your ear and lands on the court.

    Flying objects will most likely continue to interrupt games. But for now, these are the 15 craziest things to ever hit the playing surface.

Lights, Camera, Camera!!!

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    When things typically find their way onto the field, it is from the hands of some crazy fan. Well in this instance, a camera came falling from the sky.

    At the 2011 Insight Bowl, the camera that runs on wires over the stadium came flying down, nearly hitting an Iowa Hawkeye.

    Luckily nobody was hurt, but all I have to say to you, ESPN, is...

    Come on man!

Ron Artest Throws a Punch

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    While an object technically wasn't thrown, Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest threw a punch at a fan during what was perhaps one of the most ridiculous instances in professional sports.

    Towards the end of the game, Artest and players of the Detroit Pistons got into an altercation. After things were settled down, a fan tossed a beer at Artest. That pretty much set off what became to be known as "The Malice in the Palace."

    Artest found his way up into the stands and started altercations with the fans. Once back on the court, he had another altercation with fans. There, he punched one fan in the face (pictured).

    Artest has been on a long road to recovery from this event. Perhaps changing his name to Metta World Peace will finally take him into the right direction.

    Probably Not.

Cubs Fans Throw Beer Cups onto the Field

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    While they have been getting more and more used to it over the years, one thing Chicago Cubs fans just can't stand is a bad call.

    Wrigley Field lacks a jumbotron, so fans have to go on by what they see. In this incident, fans did not agree with a call made. In response, the bleachers went into an uproar, and the fans painted the outfield with beer cups.

    Not as lovable as you had thought!

"I Think We Are Going to Need a Bigger Boat"

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    While the Detroit Red Wings fans are famous for throwing octopuses on the ice, one fan decided to toss an actual shark onto the ice during this San Jose Sharks game.

    This remains to be the only man-eater to be tossed from the stands.

Lemons Have Actually Cursed the Chicago Cubs

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    Back in the day when you were allowed to bring in your own food into the stadium, one fan thought of bringing lemons to the Chicago Cubs games.

    During the 1920s, fans were known to toss lemons at Rogers Hornsby every time he came to the plate. The funny thing is, Hornsby was actually a member of the Cubs, but the fans were not fond of him.

    One game, fans were actually tossing the tangy fruit at slugger Babe Ruth while he was in batting practice.

Winterhawks, Giants And...Bears? Oh My!

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    One of the most famous events at minor league hockey games is to have a teddy bear toss during the holiday season.

    When the home team scores its first goal of the night, the crowd is encouraged to throw teddy bears onto the ice.

    The Portland Winterhawks are regarded as one of the best teams when it comes to fans showing up with teddy bears. In this particular outing, the crowd threw a grand total of 14,361 teddy bears. 

Hot Dog! Hot Dog! Who Wants a Hot Dog?!

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    Look, I know a round of golf takes a real long time, and unfortunately in these PGA tournaments, they don't have a cart girl. Still, I don't think Tiger Woods was that hungry that a fan had to chuck a hot dog at the former world No. 1.

    Well, he did it, and he was immediately tackled and removed from the event. The hot dog didn't hit Tiger, but one should never throw something when a man is lining up his putt.

    Where is the golf etiquette?

Soccer Fans Hate a Traitor

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    When Luis Figo returned to Barcelona in 2002 after leaving the club for Real Madrid, fans were not exactly giving him a warm welcome back.

    When Figo was going for a corner kick, fans began tossing anything they had with them at their former winger. Apparently, one fan had a pig head, so that is what he decided to toss into the mix.

    There have been a lot of things thrown during a soccer match, but nothing tops this piggy that made its way onto the soccer field.

Duck! No Seriously, There Is a Duck!

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    What is it with hockey fans and deceased animals that represent their team? I just don't get the joy in carrying that around all night until game time.

    Well, in this instance, an Anaheim Ducks fan decided to toss a dead duck onto the ice. The video is real obnoxious. If the description holds true, that fan has quite an arm to chuck that from all the way up there.

    What is next? Are Calgary fans going to start throwing lighters onto the ice?

Pizza Delivery at Fenway

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    If you are going to interfere with the game, you better make the catch!

    In this game between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angeles, a fan got in the way of a foul ball that seemed catchable. While the fans likely didn't care since they essentially saved an out for the Red Sox, they seemed disappointed that the fan failed to make the catch.

    What better way to describe your disgust then by chucking a slice of pizza at the guy. He already received a beer shower from running into his buddy, so the pizza likely didn't change his postgame laundry plans.

When Fans Get Bored, They Find Ways to Entertain Themselves

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    The Arizona State Sun Devils made a mistake during one of their 2011 football games. During the blackout game against the Arizona Wildcats, students were given pitchfork flyers to hold up during the game.

    Unfortunately, that idea didn't exactly pan out.

    Instead, students found a way to entertain themselves by turning the flyers into paper airplanes.

    Throughout the game, the flying objects were being launched from the upper deck all the way onto the field.

    I am pretty sure ASU learned its lesson about handouts.

Rat Attack

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    During the 1995-96 season, Florida Panthers winger Scott Mellanby killed a rat that entered the locker room with a puck prior to the first game of the season. He had two goals in the game, but they regarded his performance to be a "rat-trick" since he had nailed the rat, too.

    What came of that story was many rat-themed celebrations during the Panthers' season.

    During the NHL playoffs that year, fans tossed rats all over the ice after the Panthers scored their first goal of night.

    The spectacle is quite amazing, but that was it for the celebrations. The Avalanche didn't allow the Panthers to score again, eventually leading to a Stanley Cup victory for the Avs.

Smelly Ice Is the Worst

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    What is that? Another hockey fan throwing something onto the ice? Well, I for one am not surprised.

    During a game between the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers, a fan thought it would be funny to throw a stink bomb onto the ice.

    While the thought is somewhat funny, the result wasn't. The arena filled up with smoke, and it caused quite a commotion on the ice.

Rat Attack Part II

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    Unlike the plastic rats that were thrown onto the ice during the Colorado Avalanche/Florida Panthers hockey game, a real rat was thrown onto the court when the Philadelphia 76ers were visiting the Utah Jazz back in 2002.

    Apparently, a fan tossed the rat from the second deck while Allen Iverson was lining up for a free throw. 

    Iverson shrieked in fear and ran to the locker room (not really, but it certainly would have been funny).

Penalty, on the Crowd

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    People often like to make penalty calls while they watch a football game, but unfortunately, our voices are never heard.

    In this case, a Boston College fan felt there was pass interference on the play, so he went ahead and threw the flag onto the field.

    The funny thing is, even the ESPN crew got caught up in the mess.

    I think this fan has a great idea. There should be one fan given the flag before every game, and at anytime they can make one call. Something they should have definitely considered tossing into the new CBA.


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