B/R Staff Drafts All-Time Dream WWE Survivor Series Teams

Erik BeastonNovember 23, 2022

B/R Staff Drafts All-Time Dream WWE Survivor Series Teams

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    Virgil, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper and British Bulldog made up one memorable Survivor Series team.
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    Teams of five strive to survive.

    WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view was conceived in 1987 as a way to capitalize on the popularity of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant and featured a card full of multi-wrestler and, in one case, multi-team matches.

    With a few exceptions, that format has remained a staple of the show through 2021. That will change this year with the implementation of WarGames.

    In celebration of those traditional Survivor Series tag matches that once defined the annual event, B/R's Chris Mueller, Kevin Berge, Graham Matthews and Erik Beaston drafted their all-time dream five-man and five-woman teams.

Rules and Draft Results

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    Participants could pick any WWE Superstar past or present, but performers were eligible to be drafted only once. For example, selecting Kane would eliminate Fake Diesel and Isaac Yankem from the pool.

    Draft order was determined by a random draw.

    The men's draft saw Berge draw the No. 1 pick, with Matthews, Mueller and Beaston to follow in that order. The women's draft kicked off with Mueller, then Berge, Beaston and Matthews.

    Draft Results: Men

    1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (KB)
    2. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (GM)
    3. Bret "Hitman" Hart (CM)
    4. The Rock (EB)
    5. The Undertaker (KB)
    6. CM Punk (GM)
    7. Bryan Danielson (CM)
    8. Roman Reigns (EB)
    9. Kurt Angle (KB)
    10. Eddie Guerrero (GM)
    11. Shawn Michaels (CM)
    12. Brock Lesnar (EB)
    13. Bruno Sammartino (KB)
    14. AJ Styles (GM)
    15. Randy Orton (CM)
    16. John Cena (EB)
    17. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (KB)
    18. Triple H (GM)
    19. Sting (CM)
    20. Hulk Hogan (EB)

    Draft Results: Women

    1. Chyna (CM)
    2. Becky Lynch (KB)
    3. Lita (EB)
    4. Rhea Ripley (GM)
    5. Bianca Belair (CM)
    6. Trish Stratus (KB)
    7. Asuka (EB)
    8. Beth Phoenix (GM)
    9. Bull Nakano (CM)
    10. Mickie James (KB)
    11. Sensational Sherri (EB)
    12. Kharma (GM)
    13. Luna Vachon (CM)
    14. Sasha Banks (KB)
    15. Alundra Blayze (EB)
    16. Ronda Rousey (GM)
    17. Meiko Satomura (CM)
    18. Victoria (KB)
    19. Shotzi (EB)
    20. Aja Kong (GM)

Team Mueller

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    Men's Team
    Hart, Danielson, Michaels, Orton and Sting

    When it came to picking my men’s team, I wanted to focus on two things: Survivor Series success was taken into account, but so was overall skill.

    I chose five guys who have the ability to put on show-stealing matches and can work against opponents of any size. Randy Orton was chosen specifically for the records he holds in the elimination match.

    I selected Bret Hart first because he not only has Survivor Series experience, but he's also my all-time favorite wrestler. Shawn Michaels and Sting were chosen for similar reasons. When it comes to Bryan Danielson, he is one of the best underdog fighters in pro wrestling history. His record speaks for itself.

    I feel the team I put together is the perfect mix of star power and wrestling ability. My only regret was that I couldn’t pick a sixth person so I could have The British Bulldog, too.

    Women's Team

    Chyna, Bianca Belair, Bull Nakano, Luna Vachon and Meiko Satomura

    For my women’s team, my choices were solely based on who I see as the toughest women to step foot inside the ring.

    Chyna dominated both men and women, so she was an obvious first pick.

    Vachon and Nakano were chosen specifically because they scared the life out of me as a child, and that made them that much more intriguing. Everything about them screams intimidation.

    Bianca Belair is someone who has quickly established herself as a premier athlete in WWE and will likely go down as one of the best talents in the current era after she retires.

    For my final pick, I wanted somebody who was undeniable in both skill and accomplishments. Meiko Satomura is a living legend with several titles and awards to her name, so she was an easy choice.

Team Berge

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    Men's Team

    Austin, Undertaker, Angle, Sammartino and Steamboat

    Mystique in wrestling is everything.

    The greatest WWE Superstars are larger-than-life figures you never envisage losing a match. Pairing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with Bruno Sammartino is the equivalent of having Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar team together. They cannot lose.

    Add in The Undertaker, the man with the untouchable winning streak at WrestleMania, and this is a purely dominant force against any alliance. Everyone would fear this Survivor Series team.

    Kurt Angle and Ricky Steamboat were the top technicians of their era, the wrestlers who forever defined wrestling with work above and beyond the competition. They are the bedrock of the team, putting in the hard work to sell the match in the ring.

    Women's Team

    Lynch, Stratus, James, Banks and Victoria

    Sometimes, the easiest options are the best ones, and few women have defined the women's division like Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus. They are franchise stars who would make their Survivor Series match must-see.

    The team does not end there, though, as Sasha Banks and Mickie James stand out as stars who could have been the top of their division if not for Lynch and Stratus staying consistently popular.

    Rounding it out, Victoria is one of the most underrated women in WWE history. She gives this team a workhorse who would be looking to prove herself alongside four of the best. This is a team that everyone would want to see win.

Team Matthews

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    Men's Team

    Savage, Punk, Guerrero, Styles and Triple H

    As seen in several factions in the last several decades and in today's WWE behind the scenes, Triple H is a natural-born leader.

    He's also been quite successful at Survivor Series over the years and assembled an exceptionally skilled team that has proved they can thrive in any situation.

    Randy Savage gives this team a bit of an old-school flavor and is a Survivor Series OG in his own right. Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero will cheat when need be and do whatever is necessary to avoid elimination and ensure victory.

    CM Punk was on his fair share of Survivor Series squads, and despite his obvious issues with Triple H inside and outside of the ring, enemies can make the most powerful partners.

    Lastly, AJ Styles is our team's resident high-flier and fastest-moving combatant. How can he be eliminated if he can't be caught? And how can this well-rounded quintet be outmatched?

    Women's Team

    Ripley, Phoenix, Kharma, Rousey and Kong

    Rhea Ripley overcame a four-on-two disadvantage in WarGames and was a Survivor Series survivor in 2019. Thus, she's the perfect leader for this team, backed up by her current archrival Beth Phoenix. They're bound to have stellar chemistry as partners and be the unstoppable unit needed to lead their group to the promised land.

    Although her WWE stint was short-lived, Kharma (a.k.a. Awesome Kong) was a force to be reckoned with in her prime. The same can be said for Aja Kong, and it would be practically impossible for the two to be conquered.

    Rounding out the team is Ronda Rousey. She's a bit of a wild card but brings a wealth of skills and experience not only from the squared circle but also the MMA cage. As a submission specialist, she provides the ultimate edge to a stacked squad that excels in every area.

Team Beaston

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    Men's Team

    Rock, Reigns, Lesnar, Cena and Hogan

    Not only are these Superstars among the biggest, the most popular and the most successful in WWE history, but there is also an abundance of storyline potential here.

    Can The Rock and John Cena set aside their differences, temper their egos and coexist long enough to be victorious? Reigns and Lesnar's history speaks for itself and would create plenty of intrigue surrounding their ability to not destroy each other on sight.

    Hogan has issues with everyone involved except for Reigns.

    If they are able to check their personal vendettas, there is no team more successful or historically relevant to WWE history than this. The star power alone is extraordinary. Most importantly, it spans generations, giving fans someone to get behind regardless of when they started watching professional wrestling.

    Finally, as is the case in real-life WWE, these are guys who management repeatedly turned to when plans went awry. Since Mueller grabbed Hart before this writer could, the decision was made quickly to pivot and fall back on the guys that historically have always been there for the company in similar circumstances.

    Women's Team

    Lita, Asuka, Sherri, Blayze and Shotzi

    There is no cerebral reason for this team.

    Lita, Asuka, Sherri, Blayze and Shotzi are outcasts and badasses. They have no other similarities to speak of other than that they broke the mold or is in the midst of doing so now.

    Four former women's champions, three Hall of Famers, a future one and one of the most enormous characters in women's wrestling today, it is a collection of successful competitors who were/are not cookie-cutter competitors who paved the way for women like them to achieve success in generations to come.

    Sherri, Lita and Blayze all exhibited the ability to transition seamlessly from in-ring competitor to manager as needed. Asuka could probably do the same if necessary.

    They are all tough, have distinctive looks and have brought their own attitudes and personalities to their performances, helping them to stand out among their peers.

    And this writer likes and is an unabashed fan of them, so there is that.

    Now that you have seen who the B/R writers have selected for their teams, let your voice be heard in the comment section.

    Tell us who you think had the best team and let us know who your dream teams would be.


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